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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Piling On

There has been so much evidence to prove that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction that the only way to NOT know he had them is willful ignorance.

But what the hell, let's pile on a little bit more.

Just recently, Saddam Hussein's former southern regional commander, Gen. Al-Tikriti, gave the first videotaped testimony confirming that Iraq had WMDs up to the American invasion in 2003 and that Russia helped remove them prior to the war. His testimony confirms numerous other sources that have pointed to Russia's secret alliance with Iraq and the co-ordinated moving of WMDs before the American liberation. Today we've invited three experts on this subject to discuss the details of Al-Tikriti's testimony and its larger significance.

It won't make a lick of difference to the brain-dead leftists who are still screaming "BUSH LIED!" But it'll make it easier to show those leftists to be the tinfoil hat wearing fucktards that they are.

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