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Monday, May 01, 2006

More Proof

That the MSM can't be trusted. Ever.

Larry C. Johnson and Ray McGovern, to oft-quoted names, both defending Mary McCarthy, the CIA officer who was fired for leaking classified information.

Sweetness and Light has the lowdown on these two partisan hacks, and how the MSM won't give you their background.

Found via Cold Fury.

UPDATE: DANEgerus has more, including the photo for this post, which has the trio of Joeseph Wilson (lying liar who was busted for lying), Cindy Sheehan (Moonbat extrordinare, absolutely batshit crazy tool of the Democrats), and...... Ray McGovern. Now gosh, why would Ray McGovern be sitting with two truth-impaired tools of the Left?

Perhaps because.... he's a lying tool too? Hmmmmmmm......

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