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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Michelle Malkin chases her tail

Her book is described on Amazon as follows:

The spewing of vitriol, epithets and wild conspiracy theories suggest a collective nervous breakdown among liberals...This democratic (small d), affecting stuffed-donkey clutching college students and seasoned congressmen and journalists whose overweening diatribes and hand-wringing Malkin has seized to illustrate an emotionally charged and irrational hatred of everything conservative.
Malkin has now become the very epitome of the foaming and irrational chucklehead she derides in her book. Here she reports the story of a Guatemalan immigrant with an expired visa who killed a woman in New York in April 2005. At trial, the accused asks the Court: "Forgive me."

Malkin's dart:

"Forgive me."

Well, that's exactly what Bush and the bipartisan open-borders water-carriers in Washington would have done if this "undocumented worker" hadn't been caught...

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