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Monday, May 01, 2006

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The Other Side of Kim: "United 93"

Some people in the media seem to be asking the question about United 93, the movie about 9/11, whether it’s “too soon” to make such a thing.

Here’s my response.

Of course it’s not too soon. This is a story which needs to be told: a story of heroism, of bravery, and of plain resistance to the forces of terrorism. Hell, we were making movies about WWII heroism during WWII, and no one wanted to know whether it was “too soon” then.

Here’s my take on the issue.

I suspect that other than the very few people who may be protective about the feelings of the families of the fallen heroes of UA 93, most of the people who are opposing this movie are people with an agenda: and it’s an anti-war agenda.

Think about it: once anger and grief have faded from the shock, loss and trauma of 9/11, it becomes so much easier to regard the war against terrorism as just another law-and-order problem, instead of as the warfare that it actually is. Once the war becomes a crime, you see, we can stop spending so much time talking about it, worrying about it, and the rationale for ditching the Iraqis in the soup (aka. bringing the troops home) becomes so much more palatable.

Well, I call bullsh*t on that.

My question to every leftist whining and sniveling about how a movie about United flight 93 is "too soon" (and by and large, it is Leftists doing the complaining) is this: Where the hell were you when Micheal Moore made F9/11? I'll tell you where you were - you were pounding your fists on your cheetos-and-semen crusted keyboards, yelling about how Bush was evil and how the Fat Fuck from Flint was gonna prove it, that's where. Making a movie about September 11th wasn't too damn soon when it fit your corrupt political goals, so you were just fine with it. But make a movie that actually brings to mind the events of that horrible day, and you're seething and whining like the petulant spoiled brats you are.

So piss off, and shove your temper tantrums up your ass sideways, because I'm calling bullshit on you. Deal with it.

Glen Dean: Gas Taxes

The five year average that oil companies make per gallon of gas is around 6 cents. With the surge in prices over the last year, they are now making about 9 cents per gallon. Government takes about 45.9 cents per gallon. The federal government alone takes 18.4 cents per gallon. So you claim you are being gouged, you are right. You are being gouged, but not by the oil companies, by the government.

Government and eco-freaks are the reason gas prices are so high. They are the reason gas prices will remain high. Until America faces that fact, we are going to pay more at the pump.

It really is that simple.

Bleeding Brain: Socialized Health Care (and this one scares the shit out of me!)

The family of a 57-year-old Meath Park woman says it will take at least three months before their mother gets to see a Saskatchewan oncologist who can tell her if her cancer is treatable or fatal.

And while Health Minister Len Taylor says three months is too long to wait, he offered little Wednesday to indicate wait times to see cancer specialists in this province will soon be getting shorter.

Emily Morley has already waited a month to see an oncologist since receiving her biopsy results that identified her secondary cancer, but were inconclusive in determining the primary source. Until that primary source is identified, her treatment cannot begin.

And even though the cancer is now in Morley's lungs, liver, pancreas and spine, the Saskatoon Cancer Clinic has advised her it will still take at least three months to see an oncologist.

This after several weeks of diagnostic wait times piling up. However, the Health Minister has assured the family that as soon as they find some oncologists, those lists will shorten!

If you want a lower life expectancy, shitty healthcare, and lack of healthcare providers, just go to a socialized healthcare system. Or "single payer system", which is just another way of saying "commie clusterfuck healthcare". Look at what socialized healthcare has done in Britain, Canada, and every other country it's been tried in. The results aren't pretty. Government control of healthcare should scare the living hell out of anyone with half a brain. Emily Morely is a dead woman, she just hasn't stopped breathing yet. And she's going to die because a socialized healthcare system cannot provide the medicine she needs, even though her disease has been diagnosed and they know what the cure is!

Think about that. Mrs. Morely will die because of socialized healthcare.

Let me repeat that. Mrs. Morely is going to die because of socialized healthcare.


Now tell me how you would feel if Mrs. Morely were your wife or mother.

Geek with a .45: John McCain Decides He Doesn't Want To Be President, Shoots Self In Head...

"He [Michael Graham] also mentioned my abridgement of First Amendment rights, i.e. talking about campaign finance reform....I know that money corrupts....I would rather have a clean government than one where quote First Amendment rights are being respected, that has become corrupt. If I had my choice, I'd rather have the clean government."

John McCain

We already know that McCain doesn't give a flying fuck about the 1st Amendment (See: McCain-Fiengold) but it's nice to hear him come out and admit it.

And last but not least, Analog Kid has pissed off a typical Seattle Leftist. There ain't nothing the Leftist can do to him, so if you're in a mood, go poke at her with a stick and see if she tries to threaten you like she did to AK.

Liberals. Treat them like you would a common garden reptile.

Hey, they have the same morals of a garden snake, don't they?

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