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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Life in prison

Moussaoui gets life in prison. Couple of thoughts here.....

I would have preferred the death penalty. Apparently so would he. That alone makes a life sentence without possibility of parole worth looking at in a different light.

He'll be at Supermax, where he'll rot in a cramped cell with no contact other than the guards. No group of people to hang with, no mosque full of people to brag to, no weekly cribbage games where he can discuss what a badass he is. After a week of that, I'd probably go insane. I hope he does. And while being in constant isolation means that he probably won't get the anal gang-raping he so deserves, it will ensure that when he dies, he will die alone, a shell of his former self, a forgotten relic that was put aside and forgotten about except for the few people responsible to ensure that his body lived it's natural span. And there won't be groups of people protesting his execution, either. No media circus at Supermax, so hopefully he'll be off the airwaves permanently in a few days. Good.

I honestly think that the worst thing you can do to animals like Moussaoui is drop them in a hole and forget about them. They've prayed for a martyr's death. Deny it to them, and then forget about them.

Again, I would have preferred his execution. But I won't complain about what he got. He'll be removed from society and he will die alone in a concrete cell.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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