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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jesse Macbeth and the Left

Tim has a few posts down below about MacBeth. I'd just like to point out a little bit about how this is an example of the Left's hatred for the military.

I guess if you come forward and claim that you were in the military and committed atrocities against civilians, the Left will take you at your word, point blank, and use you to spread their agenda. How long did it take people to check some of his stories and find out he was a fraud?

Not very long. Anyone with a military background could look at his pictures (posted at Michelle Malkin) and see that if he was a soldier at all, he was a piss-poor one.

Here's a clue for those who don't know - if you make it through Ranger training, you will NOT... let me repeat that, YOU WILL NOT be a Private E-2. Which is the rank that MacBeth is wearing on his uniform collar. And the other mistakes in that photo are so obvious that the only explanation for them is that MacBeth never served in the Rangers, probably never served in the Army, and is lying out his ass. I'm not a Ranger. Probably never will be, thanks to my eyesight being crappy. But I can look at that photo and tell you that the guy wearing it is full of shit.

So the people who used MacBeth to push their anti-war, anti-military agenda couldn't even be bothered to do a basic check on him. No, he came forward with tales about murdering civilians, so heck, put him on film! Credibility? Who cares, he makes America look bad!

It's the Left's desire to hurt the military that makes them push people like MacBeth forward without even doing some basic footwork on him. He's a fraud, a scam, but the Left is so desperate to trash the military and the country that the military protects that they'll toss any crap they can, no matter how preposterous the claims, or how fake the people making those claims. And it shows just how deep a hatred the Left has for the military, and for America in general.

If this were just an isolated incident, I would brush it off as moonbats being moonbats.

But it has happened before.

Yes, it has happened before.

The Left hates the military. From Murtha's latest smears against the Marines, to the systematic attempt to portray the military as deranged, murdering lunatics, the Left has proven to me without a doubt that it hates the military with a passion that is rather frightening. From the people in Seattle waving "Baby-Killer!" signs, to the Leftists calling me an unthinking tool (check out DU's reproduction of Time's Person of the Year cover featuring three soldiers), to the unquestioned support of wild, hysterical claims such as we're seeing today, and as we've seen in the past, the Left hates the military with every little drug-addled bone in their bodies.

And quite honestly, the military is starting to hate them back. Or even worse, simply becoming indifferent to them. And that's something that the Left should be quite frightened about.

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