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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Casey's Dad makes a move.


Some pretty famous military figures have chosen to use that simple GI marble gravestone. The great heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis and Gen. George C. Marshall, commander of U.S. forces in World War II and later secretary of state, clearly felt that they deserved no more attention than any other veteran at rest under the trees at Arlington.

So with all of these resources, why is Casey Sheehan's grave still unmarked? His mother made an effort of her own lately. In the January issue of Vanity Fair she is pictured in a two-page spread lying on her son's unmarked grave in a black jumpsuit with tennis shoes. She also wrote a bitter "In Memoriam" for the left-wing Web site She was responding to critics who faulted her for placing 2,000 crosses with names of U.S. casualties at what she called "Camp Casey," near President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, last summer, while she has yet to place a marker at her own son's grave. In fact, there has been such a firestorm in the blogosphere about Casey Sheehan's grave that there are more than 250,000 Internet entries on the subject.

Cindy Sheehan is indignant at this kind of attention. She attributes it to a "Rovian, heartless and ignorant smear machine" attacking her "for the 'crime' of being broken-hearted and trying to save lives." And she vows: "They can't stop me from trying to save lives. No matter what they cook up next. It is too important. No more needless gravestones. No more wasted lives."

Cindy Sheehan is an anti-American moonbat bitch who is using her son's death to enrich her own life. She's a ghoul. She's feeding off his name now that he can no longer defend himself or his actions. She's feeding herself off of his death.

She's disgusting. My revulsion at that woman's actions knows no bounds.

But all is not lost.

The good news is that Casey Sheehan's father, Patrick, has had enough of this and has quietly arranged with a local monument company to erect a memorial. Wouldn't it be fitting if it were in place in time for Casey Sheehan's birthday, which this year once again falls on Memorial Day?

I pity Patrick Sheehan, who not only lost his son, but now has to deal with Cindy's shameful defiling of his son's memory. And yes, as far as I'm concerned, it is Patrick's son who died. In my opinion Cindy Sheehan lost all claims of motherhood when she used Casey Sheehan's grave for a photoshoot to push her political agenda.

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