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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

But, but, but.....

They were just pesticides!

Joseph Shahda has translated another Iraqi intelligence document, which appears to indicate that Iraq procured equipment to detect nerve gas in or about December 2000. This equipment is described as Â?prohibitedÂ? and as Â?similar to the required quality compared with the Russian equipments,Â? which are described as having Â?expired.Â? It appears that the equipment was tested in December 2000 and was found to detect Â?nerve agentsÂ? successfully. Which certainly seems to confirm that Iraq had some quantity of nerve gas as of early 2001.

Remember when we found traces of nerve gas in Iraq, and the Leftists were howling about how it was just "pesticides"? Yeah. Guess what pesticides are.....

Never agent, anyone? In fact, wasp and hornet sprays are actually two different nerve agents combined - one fast acting nerve aparalyzeparalize the bug, and another nerve agent to kill it once it's flat on it's back.

There's a reason you ain't supposed to use that stuff indoors, folks.

Go read Ace's post, and then try to answer his question:

And why exactly was Iraq attempting to detect nerve agents at all?

Hmmmm, gosh, it must be for peaceful purposes, right? Because we know Saddam would never actually use nerve agent on anyone, would he?

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