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Monday, April 03, 2006

Why Bush is polling low.

And it's got little to do with how he's really doing. Instapundit has a couple of emails from people with the thought that Bush is loosing this part or that part of his base, or maybe it's the base that's the problem. But there are two emails that are closer to the truth.

My problem is with the Republicans who don't back Bush. They didn't back him on Social Security, they don't seem to be backing him on immigration, & I don't think they are stepping up to the plate & backing him on the war.

The Lame-Stream Media translates "Republicans" in "Bush". Sorry, that won't fly, especially since Bush really isn't all that conservative. Hell, at this point the Republicans aren't all that conservative. They're the majority because the Dimocrats are just that much worse.

But the Republicans, the congresscritters, have finally managed to piss off their base.

Here's something most news outlets won't tell you. Yeah, Bush's poll numbers may be down compared to last year, but compared to the average congresscritters poll numbers Bush looks like a great shining beacon. Bush may be polling in the low 30% range, but the congresscritters? Try 12%. 8%. Congress has, for the last four or five years, managed to take the Republican majority and do what with it, exactly?

Nada. Zip. Zero.

We wanted the tax cuts made permanent. Has that happened yet? No. Why not?

We wanted the Social Security problem addressed. Hell, we'd be happy if it were just talked about in a rational fashion! Has that happened yet? No. Why not?

We want the borders secured. Not amnesty for illegal aliens. Not a "guest worker program" that's just amnesty dressed up all pretty. We want a fence put up along our Southern border so that people can't just stroll across. We want to make sure Kalid-Achmed-Death-to-America-Muhammad isn't coming into this country with a fucking suitcase nuke. But until recently, the Republicans haven't even touched that issue. Why not? Why the hell did it take five years of a Republican majority to even get this issue on the table?

We want the government to spend LESS of our money, not more of it! I'm quite happy to see my tax dollars going towards another bomber or tank, thankyouverymuch, but let's start cutting the social entitlement spending that's bankrupting our country. Do you realize that defense spending accounts for less than 20% of our budget right now? Just keep that in mind when someone screams about how the military is going to bankrupt America. And Congress just keeps on spending more and more and more and more and more. What's the point of electing Republicans when they just go and act like Democrats?

So that's one reason Bush's poll numbers are down. Because support for congressional Republicans is in the toilet. And I'm talking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down in the toilet. And the media translates that into low numbers for Bush.

Now also keep in mind that poll questions can be manipulated into saying anything you want them to say. Most polls from CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, NYT, yada yada yada are going to be so biased as to be completely worthless. Here's a real crude example for ya (crude in the sense that it's blunt and simplistic, but gets the point across). Let's say that someone came up with the following poll, and asked you this question:

Do you think Bush is handling Iraq in the right way?

And there were three possible answers:

1) No, we need to be tougher on the insurgents.
2) Yes, we're doing fine
3) No, we need to leave now!

Now, let's say that our hypothetical crowd was evenly split, giving us 33% of responders checking each answer. The New York Times takes those answers and puts out the front page with a headline screaming

NEW POLL! 66% of America Disagrees with Iraq War!

Now, the poll is technically correct. There are 66% of Americans who don't like what they see, but only 33% disagree with the actual war. The other 33% thinks that we need to be busting a few caps in some terrorist ass, and doing it rightfuckingnowthanks.

But the NYT ain't gonna tell you that part. They're just gonna scream "BUSH FAILING IN IRAQ" or "MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DISAGREE WITH WAR" or the old standby "AMERICANS TIRED OF QUAGMIRE IN IRAQ" when in truth, given the fact that the majority of pollers either liked what they saw or thought we needed to be tougher, those statements are flat out lies.

This is why the NYT put out poll after poll saying Kerry was going to win, Bush was going to lose. And then in Nov 2004, Bush won, Kerry lost, and all those liberals who read the NYT were stunned and wondered "Just how could this happen?"

Because biased polls put out by biased media organs don't tell the whole story! Gosh, who woulda thunk it?

So anyways, I don't know about you folks but when my primary ballot comes in (I gotta vote absentee) I'm going to find out who the incumbents are for each seat. And then I'm going to check the opponent's box. There's no way in hell I'm voting for a Dimocrat this year, but I'm going to do all that I can to ensure that the Republicans in congress get moved around and switched out.

I'd love to see Arlen Specter or McCain or a few of the other RINO's get tossed out on their ass. And if the congresscritters can't remember why we elected them, they deserve to get shitcanned.

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