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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sissy Nation...

...and other lovely linkies.

The University of Colorado men's golf team went to a strip club. SUSPEND THEM!!!!

Bizarre. Yesterday at the local YMCA there was a sign inviting kids to come back on Saturday to get their picture taken with "The Bunny". And then there's the fact that we are the first nation on Earth to ever have its flag banned as being "divisive". What the hey?

This is the problem: Iran Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz. The problem is not an Iranian nukes launched at Tel Aviv or Brussels or Miami -- it's Iraninan nukes emboldening them to cut off oil out of the Persian Gulf.


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Democrats aim to destroy Michael Steele: Poll Finds Steele May Be Magnet for Black Voters, just like they said they needed to do with Latino nominees for the Federal Bench -- they lose their stranglehold on blacks and Democrats are dead. DEAD!

Michelle Malkin says "fly our flag high" to protest illegal immigration. I decline. Too many good men have died in defense of our flag to use it as a mere hammer to bludgeon immigrants. Enforce the law, fix INS, secure the borders, but don't wave our flag as an insult to somebody. And no - that's not at odds with decrying bans on the flag. Were I school principal, I'd not ban the flag but instead educate young people about how using the flag as a means to infuriate people insults the flag and all those who have fought to defend it.

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