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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yeah yeah yeah....

I know I haven't posted lately. Whaddyagonnado? Cancel your subscription? Stop paying me?

In all seriousness, I'm pretty much maxed out between working, taking care of the wife, making sure the trip to San Antonio actually happens, and trying to do housework. My free time right now consists mostly of me sitting on the couch with my eyes glazed over, a half-finished drink dangling from my limp hand. The only time I am actually alone is when I go running.

No, scratch that - I have the dog with me.

So anyways, I just wanted to let people know that I was actually alive. As in, breathing with minor brain function. A couple of points I feel like making, however -

The media brought out a months old video of a phone conference involving President Bush and members of different states and federal agencies right before Hurricane Katrina. While the media wants to hang Bush and Micheal Chertoff (did I spell that right?), the one thing that has me throwing things at my TV is this simple fact:

Nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, does anyone raise the question of JUST WHAT THE FUCK THE STATE OF LOUISIANA WAS DOING!!! It's all "Blame Bush", all the damn time! Why the hell the Govenor of Louisiana wasn't hung by her fucking toenails over her COMPLETE BUNGLING of the situation, I'll never know! And the mayor? Don't get me started! Good 'ol Ray "Chocolate" Nagin could have had half the city evacuated with the busses that were LEFT SITTING IN THEIR MOTORPOOLS WHILE HE CRIED ABOUT HOW LITTLE THE FEDS WERE DOING!


I want to see Nagin, and the Govenor, and the various representatives of that state called onto the fucking carpet to explain just why their handling of the whole situation was so damned incompetant and worthless! I want to see just ONE FUCKING MEMBER OF THE KOOL-AID GUZZLING MEDIA toss a question their way! JUST FUCKING ONCE! PLEASE GOD, WOULD THAT BE SO FUCKING HARD? I guess when you're nothing more than some fucking tool with the Democrat Party arm shoved up your ass to it's elbow, you don't bother to ask why the people in charge of the State of Louisiana couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag. I guess when you're nothing more than a mindless syncophant you don't bother asking hard questions of the people who tell you how to think.

Maybe one day the media will actually report the news instead of some biased, convaluted pile of propaganda.

Hell, maybe one day the media will stand up for the free speech that they claim to support and print the cartoons of Muhammad that are currently raising a fuss with the perpetually preturbed.

Maybe one day the Democrats will actually be decent Americans, rather than a group of anti-American "intellectual" fucksticks who want to control the country and tell people what to do with their lives.

Maybe one day the Republicans will actually be conservative again.

And maybe one day I'll wake up with a gazillion dollars in my bank account.

I don't see any of the above happening any time soon.

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