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Friday, March 10, 2006

Surgery results

The Raging Mrs came through just fine. In the words of her doctor, "Everything was the way I said it was, was where is was supposed to be, and everything happened the way it was supposed to happen." So that's good. Now it's a matter of keeping her from doing anything stupid while she heals.

That's harder than it sounds, when you have a wife who's used to being able to do anything short of benchpressing a car. But we'll make it happen.

Couple of things I've been mulling over while I've been here - The Dubai Ports World deal. All the congresscritters are up in arms, and now the deal has been blocked. But where were the congresscritters when a state owned company from CHINA took over the Long Beach port?


(crickets chirping)

That's what I thought. The DP World Port Snort is nothing but political grandstanding during an election year, and the damage from our congresscritters being dumbassed fucksticks is going to be seen down the road. Instead of well thought out debate, we got hysterical shrieking from both sides of the isles. The congresscritters have shown once again that they aren't worth a squirt of piss in the wind.

Jay Bennish - the Colorado teacher who went on a forty-minute unhinged, loonyville, Leftard rant in a classroom. While he was supposed to be teaching.

He was suspended while the school district tried to cover their ass see if he broke any rules. It seems that everything is peachy, because he just got reinstated. I guess once the district found out that they couldn't lose any money by keeping him, they decided that having a complete and total leftist nutjob teaching in a school, passing out wildly biased partisan bullshit as "facts", and torturing his students with unhinged, unintelligent rants about how Bush is Hitler and America is the worst country in the world is just peachy keen!

What a crock of shit.

Bennish is just another example of an over-privileged loser indoctrinated by other over-privileged losers, who have never had to work a real job for one fucking day of their lives, who run around chanting "Down with the man! Stop the oppression!" when they've never come close to actually SEEING the man, and who would run from trying to stop REAL oppression just as fast as their little greasy feet could take them. Notice how the worthless little asscannons practically give people like Mao and Che and Castro a tongue-bath, and those are some of the people with the worst human rights records in the world! But to a brain-dead fucktard like a liberal, they're just hunky dory, man! It's AMERICA that's the problem, man! Yeah, man! Pass the dope, man!

Fuck it. Just another reason why school vouchers should be implemented IMMEDIATELY!

GAO. That's all for now. I'll post later when I can.

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