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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Go figure. Are you trying to say that running the National Forests according to some dope-addled eco-freak's wet dream isn't profitable? Gosh, who woulda thunk it? I mean, it's not like the eco-freak movement would actually HURT a forest, would it? Golly, why would legislation forced through by uneducated hypocritial shitstains hurt a forest?

A recent U.S. Forest Service study predicted that more than 44 million acres of private forest land, an area twice the size of Maine, will be sold over the next 25 years. The consulting firm U.S. Forest Capital estimates that half of all U.S. timberland has changed hands in the past decade. The Bush administration also wants to sell off forest land, by auctioning more than 300,000 acres of national forest to fund a rural school program.

Good! Sell it all! Since the tree-hugging crowd has gotten it's way, the National Forests have been left to rot. The largest single land-owner in the USA is the Federal Government, and if there's any better way to ruin something than let the Feds get their hands on it, I haven't seen it. Maybe if we let citizens own the land instead of a group of mush-brained beurocrats who allow themselves to be let around by another group of drug smoking leftist anal warts, we can bring back the timber industry in this country and put more people back to work. And wouldn't it be nice to have paper grown, harvested and produced in the USA? I mean, what would those leftists think if they knew that their paper was grown in Canada or Russia?

Oh, right, Leftists don't think. And in order to actually LEARN about the products they use, Leftists would have to put aside their blinders and take a good hard look at reality, and we KNOW that'll never happen. Leftism means never have to learn, and never having to apologise for that fact. And to any leftist who gets upset by that, fuck you. It wasn't conservative ideals that gutted the timber industry in this country. It wasn't conservatives who ruined the National Forests. Leftism, in all it's glory, exposed as nothing more than a hollow ideology, filled with nothing but hot air and bullshit. I don't think anyone to the Left of Ronald Reagan should ever be allowed to set policy for timberland ever again.

In short, to all those red-diaper-doper-babies living in the cities? Yeah, fuck you. Let the people who live in the forests deal with the forests, and all the over-pampered eco-freak shitclumps can shut the fuck up and go back to sucking on your bong.

I can hear it now. "EEK! EEK! RAGING DAVE, HOW CAN YOU BE SO MEAN?" Because I lived among the over-pampered eco-freak shitclumps for years, and I know exactly who I'm talking about, that's why. Fuck 'em all. Maybe when they stop living in WOODen-framed houses reading socialist propaganda in newsPAPERS and magazines made out of PAPER, and stop making PAPER-mache puppets for their demonstrations that they advertize on PAPER flyers, and stop using CARDBOARD and WOOD for their signs, then I'll take them seriously. But until then, they can go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. I don't think my disgust with the ecological movement and truly be put into words. The English language doesn't have the vocabulary needed to explain how much I loath the eco-freaks.

They're just marxists and communists using the government to get what they want. And anyone who doesn't understand that sentance, go read what the eco-freak movement writes. On PAPER.

Fuck 'em. Bleah. I need a cigar.

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