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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why I call Liberals "Dain Bramaged"

aka, "Why Democrats keep losing elections".

I was clearing out the guestbook (drug spammers who are also most likely liberals, as I have yet to see any other group spend so much time doing something so worthless) and I came across the following entry:

IP Address:
Name: U r a fool to look here (
Home Page:
Date: Fri Feb 17 21:17:36 2006
Referred By:

get real

Can't you feel the damaged brain-waves just rolling off? I'm thinking it's some pimply faced indoctrinated idiot, most likely in college, studying "Wymen's underwater basket weaving" or some crap like that.

Hell, when I had my dickless little trolls running around pretending to be me and shitting on websites, the dumbfucks STILL couldn't spell correctly or use proper punctuation. Far be it for me to correct anyone's spelling on a daily basis, seeing as how I'm not the greatest at hitting "spellcheck" if you catch my drift, but the trolls were at a 5th grade writing level.

If that.

Nice to see they haven't improved at all.

Anyways, here's me hitting the delete button. *click* Time for a beer.

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