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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm back, and I have a question

Are the Dhimmocrats just a bunch of moronic fuckwits who are so full of shit that it spills out every time they open their pieholes, or are they a group of corrupt power-hungry jackals who need to be taken out and shot for the good of the country?

I think it's a bit of both, but that's just me.

Yep, I'm back, and I'll let you all know what I was doing sometime tomorrow. But while I was away on Army duties, I managed to watch a bit of news, and quite frankly, it made me want to vomit.

The hearings on Judge Alito have turned into the three-ring circus I thought it was going to be. Seriously, nothing can frame the Dhimmocrats better than the sight of Joe Biden going on a rambling, 13 minute diatribe against President Bush. Quite frankly, he reminded me of some of the homeless people I saw living in Pioneer Square in Seattle.

"You're evilevilevil because I SAID SO AND I just need a few cents because I haven't eaten for days and you're gonna overturn Roe v. Wade and I need MY VICODEN FOR my broken arm and if you put your finger right here OH OUCH IT HURTS and that's why I need vicoden and a couple of cents just like two quarters or one quarter if you have 'em so that I CAN GET SOMETHING to eat and you hate feminists don't you and then maybe you can comeback and play tiddlywinks with me BECAUSE I REALLY like to play games like that where nobody gets hurt and we can all be fluffy bunnies after you destroy the constitution and I TAKE THE LITTLE blue pills and hey can you spare a few cents BusHiterChimpyMcHalliburton?"

Seriously, I think that a chimpanzee on a three-week crack bender could have been more coherent. What the hell was that, a question? A statement? A demonstration of how unhinged the Dhimmocrats have become? Let's put 'ol Joe Biden on the boob tube just a little more and let him ramble on like some whacked out druggie. "Yeah, Joe, go ahead! It's open mike night! Let 'er rip!" That'll do GREAT things for the Dhimmocrats! Yep! I mean, I suppose if you're a brainless fuckstick with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, a rambling diatribe against President Bush might somehow be construed as a question for Justice Alito, but since most of the country is not currently smoking eightballs while they watch the proceedings, I don't think that angle is going to work too well for the Dhimmocrats. Still, I think the Donks need to press on! Put that fat fucking murdering drunk back on the TV! Ted Kennedy, come on down! Yeah, what a great idea, let the very same guy who allowed a sixteen twenty-eight (see below) year old girl to drown in his car to lecture people on morals! Hey Ted, I guess the song "Splish Splash" was never a big favorite of yours, eh? It really says something of the Donks that they have a shambling, incoherent, alcohol soaked blob as their lead spokesman.

Keep going down that road, Dhimmocrats. Please.

And the last thing that set me off, (and TVE posted the link to Michele Malkin below) is John Murtha becoming even more of a surrender monkey. Seriously, just how fucking pathetic has that fat cheesedick become? Do you know what his military service means to other vets right now? Exactly jack diddly squat. Murtha peddled his military credentials away, and turned himself into a cowardly, yellow-bellied, pathetic fucking sack of partisan bullshit. And after he shits all over the military, demeans their actions and their sacrifices, calls for immediate surrender withdrawal surrender (I had it right the first time), he doesn't even have the balls to speak with a veteran of the Afghanistan campaign! Both Murtha and Moran, two gutless fucking shitstains on the rumpled bedsheets of humanity, couldn't face one of the soldiers that they had been denigrating for months. Those two syphilis sores don't have enough backbone between the two of them to equal one servicemember, and that needs to be shown on a daily basis. Do you want the party of surrender, the party of running and hiding, the party of allowing American citizens to be blown up by terrorists while they whimper and cringe under the bed, to be in control of ANY PART of this country's government in 2006?

God, I hope not.

In any case, I'll put up a post tomorrow on where I've been. See ya then.

UPDATE: I goofed. Mary Joe was twenty-eight, not sixteen. Mea Culpa. However, if I remember correctly there was another Kennedy caught with a sixteen year old. Hell, there's been a Kennedy caught doing some crime or another until the entire family covered the whole spectrum of criminology.

I'd love to see the entire family removed from American politics.

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