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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm busy as hell

It might be the holiday season, and some of my dear readers may have some time off, but the military doesn't rest. When I was an MP, I found out that there are three occupations that don't get holidays or weekends:

Law Enforcement, Medical, and Food Service.

If you want to enjoy your free time, do not go into any of the above named employment fields. Because those occupations don't have any free time. Even though I've switched my field in the Army, I'm still a little short on that whole "free time" concept. However, I signed up of my own free will, so complaining about it will do little good. It will, however, explain why I've been such a lazy asshole when it comes to posting. Today is no exception. Therefore, I present to you without comment, these two posts, both of which contain more truth in a few kilobytes than the entire Dhimmocrat party has contained in decades.

First, Lee of Right Thinking.

The last major war the United States was involved in was Vietnam. The modern Democratic Party leadership all came of age during that war, as did most of the editorial staff in the manistream media. It wasn’t just a defining moment in the modern American left, it was the defining moment, the prism through which the left would view the world from that moment on. Vietnam was justification for every pacifist tendency that every liberal has ever had. When they said that war didn’t solve anything, they could point to Vietnam. When they wanted to show the consequences of war, they could point to Vietnam. When they wanted to show the failure of military force as a tool for political change, they could point to Vietnam. It was the last major war this country was ever involved in. Sure we’ve had military operations, from Grenada to the Gulf War to the Balkans, but Vietnam our last big one, and it was a war we ended up losing. Vietnam has been their de facto answer for everything for the past 30 years.

Iraq threatens their entire belief system.


The Democrats and the left cannot have this. The US has been in the “lose” column for so long now, That’s been one of their main sources of political strength. They must prevent, at all costs, the US from getting to a point where this was can be chalked up as a win. If we get a win then we negate the rallying cry of Vietnam. The next time a war is proposed and someone mentions Vietnam, we can point to Iraq as an example of just how many legitimate problems war can solve. Conversely, if they can get Iraq declared a loss, then they’ll have a pattern. “We’re two for two!” So the next time someone proposes military force, the lefties will get to pull out Iraq and Vietnam. Their message will get new life breathed into it for the next forty years.

This is why they will stop at nothing to prevent President Bush from winning this war. A win in Iraq means that their whole “War Solves Nothing” argument becomes virtually worthless, a relic of a bygone era. And that terrifies them.

Iraq must be a loss at all costs. The future of left-wing political activism is at stake

And Analog Kid's Corrolary

I think that Lee has it half right.

It is my belief that they have two reasons for opposition to the war. While Lee has hit one x-ring with his thoughts, the other target to be hit is the left’s need to implement socialist ideals in America that was interrupted by September 11th and then again by Bush’s attempts at stemming the tide of radical Islam.

They know that we won’t be listening to, among other things, their rhetoric on socialized medicine while we’re listening to the news about the daily happenings in Iraq. They know that it will be impossible to implement sweeping gun control when we’re thinking about madmen with bomb belts lighting themselves off in the mall or taking an elementary school hostage.

In their minds, if we could just get out of Iraq ASAP, they could get back to telling people how wonderful Canadian medicine is with their taxpayer funded doctors and how crime free Europe is without all those nasty guns.


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