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Monday, December 05, 2005

Democrat Schumer - U.S. 'Imposing' Elections on Iraqis

So Kerry says our soldiers are "terrorizing children", and Chucky Schumer says:

"There will be no government in Iraq the way they're trying to structure it now," the New York Democrat told WABC-TV's "Behind the News" on Sunday. "They're going to have these elections but that's sort of being imposed on them."

We held guns to the heads of 8 million people in January, and 10 million in October to make them vote on electing representatives and ratifying the Constitution (by 80 percent) that those representatives drafted, right Chucky? Chuck is what is known as an "ASSHOLE". He doesn't want Iraq to succeed because he said it couldn't. So Chuck says, "Hey! Fuck all 8,000,000 Iraqis that voted for their Constitution, and fuck the ones that vote for the representatives that drafted that Constitution. And never mind that Iraq had a higher percentage of eligible voters that turned out to vote both times than the U.S. had in the 2004 elections. Iraq's government will be illegitimate because I say so!" Democrats. What was THEIR PLAN? Oh yeah! Democrats don't have a plan! They can only bitch and complain and LIE! "We broke it, we bought it", right Donkeys? "All is lost! Immediate withdrawal!" Right, Donks? Don't worry, we'll make sure you get absolutely no credit for victory in Iraq, just the way you want it!

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