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Saturday, November 12, 2005

War of the Sexes

Steve H. at Hog On Ice has three posts up about sex, virginity, and women.

Read 'em all.

I think that Steve's main problem is that he lives in Florida. Florida, much like California, expects women to have Barbie-like measurments, blond hair, and skimpy clothing 100% of the time. Sorry folks, but women are not Barbie. The more you expect people to adhere to a plastic-like ideal, then the more plastic they will be. Seattle was filled with plastic people. All of them thinking alike, acting alike, dissenting alike. I've never seen so many people who styled themselves "free thinkers" all doing the same damn things the same way at the same time. Florida and California are much the same, but instead of everyone just ACTING alike, they also have to LOOK the same as well.

When you force a person to conform to an un-natural ideal, don't be surprised when they do conform.

Now, it's not Steve's fault that the women around him are plastic. As he says himself, men are to bear quite a bit of the blame.

I love it when horny men get red in the face and start squawking about how whorish women are "emancipated" and "strong." Suddenly they're FEMINISTS! Yes, when they manipulate a different foolish woman every week, get her in the sack, and then block her phone calls, it's because THEY'RE ALL ABOUT WOMEN'S RIGHTS! They hate it when you threaten their supply of fresh tail.

And BOY are promiscuous men into reproductive rights! It's a WOMAN'S BODY! It's HER CHOICE! Yeah, right, Susan B. Anthony. Preach it. You lying stack of crap. Promiscuous men like abortion because they NEED it. It's cheap, it's quick, and it gets the bitch out of your life OR gets the playing field back in order. But, yeah, you support it because you respect women. You know what the alternative to abortion is? CONDOMS. And using a condom is like having sex with an oven mitt on Mr. Happy.

A promiscuous man will say or do ANYTHING to get sex. Anything. Why do you think men dance? Seventy-five percent of us hate it so much we’d rather go to the mall and hold your purse while you shop for shoes. But we’re out there on the floor anyway, jerking around and trying to look like we mean it. Oh, YEAH! We’re getting DOWN WITH OUR OWN BAD SELVES! You can tell we feel it, because sometimes we close our eyes. That’s SOUL, baby! White CPA by day, JAMES BROWN by night!

And if we’re REALLY smooth, we put lots of “sexy” hip motion into it, to make absolutely sure you understand that we’ve mastered the difficult task of PUSHING IT IN AND PULLING IT OUT. Are you impressed? Yes you are! Don’t lie! You know you want a piece of this! Rico! Suave! Can’t touch this! I’m cracking up as I write this. I have so many hilarious memories of watching other men make fools of themselves.

Men will do anything for sex. Flat out. I've seens guys do more rediculous shit in order to get laid than I care to think about. However, women don't help their own cause when they chase after the sex-crazed losers.

It’s really nice to get comments from women who agree with me when I say virginity is a virtue. In this age of perverted, backward values, a man who shows his respect for women by criticizing promiscuity is somehow seen as a misogynist. On the other hand, men who chase skirts and pay for abortions and treat women like specimen cups…they’re together guys who love and understand you. Go figure. I’m glad there are a few actual ladies left.

Ever heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last"? It's true, it really is. They guy who treats women well gets walked all over, while the careless asshole who just wants a piece of tail has women all over him. I've never figured it out. Maybe one day someone will explain it to me, but I've seen the truth with my own two eyes. I tried being a nice guy for a while. Seriously, stop laughing. I SAID STOP LAUGHING! I tried to be a sensative guy. I stopped objectifying women. I listened to their needs. I figured, "Hey, this is what women say they want. Why not listen to them?"

Yeah, right. You can forget it. I found out what it felt like to be a human doormat. If you ever want to be used up and discarded like yesterday's newspaper, be a "nice guy".

So I stopped being nice. I was an asshole. I showed absolutely no concern for a woman's feelings. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and if a girl didn't like it, I pushed her out of my life and kept on going.

And I got laid more in a month than I had in a year.

Can someone explain that to me please? I'll admit that it was a time in my life when I thought more with my little head than my big head, but the lessons I learned in that time have stuck with me. When the priorities in my life turned into more than just getting laid, then I stopped playing games all together. You want to drive a modern women crazy? Be indifferent about sex.

A "modern" woman, i.e. one who has been raised with the modern feminist ideals that sex=power, simply cannot figure out a guy who doesn't care if he gets laid or not. By the time I moved to Seattle, I didn't care one whit about sex. Yeah, it was nice, but I expended absolutely NO energy towards obtaining it. I was just enjoying life on my terms. Drove the women there nuts.

That's when I found my then-to-be wife. But that's another story all together.

In any case, go read Steve's posts. Let me know if you agree or not.

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