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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today in Race Relations

Donovan McNabb's father says Terrell Owens' criticisms of his son sting because Owens is black.

"Within the last month, we've seen a man who is trying to accomplish something very difficult, to be an African-American quarterback at the top of his game, attacked by someone of his own race," McNabb said. "That's what really amazes me. It's like another black-on-black crime. Those are hurts that create scars that take a long time to heal."
Odd. I thought it was the interracial hate crimes that did the most damage.

Of course, this is the Philadelphia Daily News, so one accepts the authenticity of the quote at one's one peril.


The way Notre Dame went about replacing Tyrone Willingham had a greater affect on its minority hiring report card grade than its decision to fire the school's first black football coach.

The result: The Fighting Irish received a B from the Black Coaches Association.

"We look at the documented facts, and the firing is related to the overall picture," said Keith Harrison, who conducted the study for the BCA. "But the grade is what they earned."
Hey, who can argue with that?

It's all very strange to me.

Excerpting more:

Indiana State, which hired West in January, received a C. It was given an F for its search committee, a grade that Harrison said meant no minorities were included on the committee.
So it's important that impactful committees be skin-color-diverse, hunh?

Whatever, but look at the people who serve on the BCA Board of Directors.

Not very diverse.

Coup de grace, now:

Keith has repeatedly urged recruits to use the report card as a gauge for school choices, and said the BCA would consider future legal action against universities if there is not significant improvement in next year's report.
Say no more.

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