Day by Day

Friday, November 25, 2005

Iraqi Forces Now Implement 70% of Security Operations

Yesterday, Greyhawk received Haider Ajina's latest translation of Iraqi media reports.

“As for the departure of the multi national forces from Iraq, Iraqi vice president Adel Abdulmehdi clarified that during his visit to Washington DC he met with U.S. Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. He talked with him about handing over the security of Iraqi cities to the Iraqi national forces, as had happened in Nejaf and certain areas of Baghdad. They also agreed that the mission of the multi national forces in Iraq will not be complete until qualified Iraq forces are ready to fill the security roll. He also pointed out that a fundamental agreement with the multi national forces does not contain a withdrawal time table. This agreement also acknowledges the larger roll of the Iraqi armed forces are taking. Over 70% of security operations are now done by Iraqi forces; this has grown from just 30%”.

How can that be?! The Donks claim all is lost. :) Ajina says:

Progress in Iraq is quite measurable and noticeable on weekly bases. Security is improving in the last two provinces. Iraqi security forces are taking a much larger roll in the security of their country. Sunni & Baathists are talking about laying down their arms and joining the political process, and some have already done so. All this is possible because of our & the Iraqis hard work sacrifices and tenacity.

Ignoring the Senate Intelligence Committee report and the Silberman-Robb commission report, ignoring statements uttered by Democrats that were identitcal or stronger than those made by the Bush administration, trying to make a hawk out of a dove and have him call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq - in perspective, they are the last ditch efforts of a political party that sold it's soul to the craven traitors of moveon dot never and is attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Invested in another American defeat, the Democrats find themselves again, on the wrong side of history.