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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election 2005 - Status Quo Maintained

With the exception of a couple of unreported Republican gains in Virginia.

To sum up: Incumbent party victories in two states [VA* and NJ] and one city [New York, NY]. A Republican state [OH] rejected Democratic initiatives. A Democratic state [CA] rejected Republican initiatives.

Don't let the Democratic spin doctors fool you. Election Day 2005 has nothing to tell us about where the electorate is going in the wake of Bush's terrible year.

I'll add the following to Mr. Podhertz analysis:

In Ohio, a Republican lead initiative won favor in addition to the Donk lead initiatives collective failure.

*VA Lt Gov - Vacated by now Gov Elect Kaine - Changed hands and went Republican as did VA House District 6.

So the VA Gov is still a D but there are 2 more Rs in the VA government than there were yesterday.

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