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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When the Dems need Votes, the Buses don't stay Parked

On 45 minutes notice, Landrieu's election campaign had no trouble finding drivers for New Orleans' buses when the cause was getting liberal voters to the polls, but with the election won and her poor voters left stranded in a soon-to-be flooded city with no food or drinkable water, the buses stayed parked. At least we know where her priorities are.
...when the management team got word at 3:15 p.m. Tuesday that a GOP tracking poll showed Jenkins ahead, it was time for an instant parade. "Within 45 minutes, we arranged a motorcade," Tucker said. "We found Mary and Marc, got school buses for workers and sound trucks with music and put on a parade to flush out our voters."
...[NOLA Democrat] teams tracked the turnout all day in target precincts. If the vote was slow compared to past elections, some of the 1,000 street workers were sent there to knock on doors and ask people to vote.
Emphasis mine. (Abridged version of original article here.)

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