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Monday, August 08, 2005

News updates

Peter Jennings, dead at 67. Rest in Peace. Since I don't speak ill of the recently departed, if you can't say anything nice about him in the comments, then don't comment.

Shuttle landing delayed due to weather. That's actually rather normal for the shuttle program. The weather has to be perfect before they touch down.

Lawmakers discuss steriods in baseball. My question is this: WHY????? Why the hell are our elected officials wasting their time discussing the effects of steriods on a damn game? This is a matter for baseball to deal with, not the damn government! And the fact that these congresscritters feel the need to stick their noses into a damn sport matter shows just how overbearing our government is. If they have so little to do that they have to try to mess with Major League Baseball in order to say they've "done something" then they obviously are getting paid way too much to do too little work. Kick the bums out of town that much earlier and pay them less.

Blah. More later when I find crap to be upset about. It shouldn't take long.

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