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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Go read Dok Russia's piece and then come back and tell me if you have any way of rebutting it.

Because I don't.

Two years ago, I would have told him that there are moderate muslims who just want to live their lives much like we do. But in that time, I have also been waiting to see the muslim faith cleanse itself out. And that hasn't happened.

Even the Catholic faith, while not exactly a poster-boy for cleaning one's own house, has been kicking priests out for their crimes. And it's happening because John and Jane Doe are not willing to go to church while they know that a kiddy-diddler is saying mass. And they're telling the church exactly that. "Kick the bums out!" I see no such reformation in the muslim communities. And with every terrorist attack, every bombing of innocent people, every iman shrieking hatred and murder in a mosque that the muslim community accepted, I stepped closer to the line that Dok Russia just walked over without glancing back. And I'm close enough to that line right now that I have no problem with looking at Dok Russia's position and saying "Fine, let's work out the logistics."

Any thoughts?

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