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Monday, July 11, 2005

Live Free or Die

A commenter (Claudia) in the last post drew my attention to an interesting characteristic shared by many criminals, terrorists, and liberals. These people believe that if they do something bad, or good for that matter, it is not their fault. It is society's fault that the pedophile raped that little girl and her brother and killed her entire family. It is America's fault that islamofascist hijackers flew planes into skyscrapers and killed 3000 people. They had grievances. It wasn't their fault, it was the world they live in. To a liberal, it’s never the case that the criminal should “take responsibility” for his crime, but rather, “What made him do what he did?” I don't think that liberals believe that human beings are in control of their own lives. They must think that we are preprogrammed automatons. If you are successful, then they want to take your wealth and give it to those “less fortunate,” as if success is all about luck. This lack of belief in self-determination would also explain why liberals fight any notion of there being a moral right and wrong on any given issue. Of course, when one follows their arguments to their logical conclusions, you find a contradiction every time. For example, if you insist that having moral convictions about what is right and what is wrong is itself wrong, you are displaying a moral conviction. If you assert that people are not in control of their own lives, then what would be the point in arguing about it? For that matter, why not just slit your wrists right now? Without self-determination, what would be the point in trying to achieve a better life? You can't!

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