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Friday, July 22, 2005

How low can the Left sink?

Lowah! LOWAH!

Wonkette operatives have alerted us to some details in John G. Roberts background. We're not making any conclusions here -- we wouldn't want to comment on an ongoing investigation -- we're just laying out the facts: He is a graduate of an all-boys Catholic school where, as a member of the wrestling team, he regularly grappled with other sweaty, repressed boys. That is when he wasn't the drama club playing Peppermint Patty, for God's sake. He was also an editor of the school newspaper, "The Torch."

And yet the Right still asserts that "he's no flame-thrower."

We like him more and more.

Court Nominee's Life Is Rooted in Faith and Respect for Law [NYT]
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So what's Roberts been up today, anyway?: "[I]f you are interested in a little NSA sex in the Capitol building with a good looking white male, drop me a line...." [Craigslist]
But we liked it better when he was gay.

-- Ann Marie Cox ("Wonkette")
Charmaine Yoest

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