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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Circus Blogging

Went to a circus this past weekend. Here are some pics.

This guy was walking blindfolded on some rotating drum that was
about 30 feet up. Later, he and his wife did the old "motorcycles
in an iron sphere" thing.

Colonel Hanneford tries to mount his smiling horse just moments
after said horse had removed the good Colonel's pants.

This woman juggled hoops and flaming torches 25 feet above the
ring while suspended by her hair. It was great.

Pardon both my Fascism as well as my indelicacy, if you please,
but any comments regarding Molly Ivins, Barb Mikulski, and
Ted Kennedy sans strap-ons will be deleted as soon as i
stop laughing at them.

What a show!

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