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Monday, June 20, 2005

Another Viet Nam?

Only if this is allowed to happen.

The issue of whether to set a deadline to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq is beginning to creep into the early stages of next year's midterm congressional elections.

Tennessee Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. began running a television ad last week, his first as a U.S. Senate candidate in 2006, a race he entered last month. The advertisement asks the question of whether it is time to start bringing troops home and plays off the public's impatience with U.S. involvement in Iraq.

"In war, there are no Democrats and Republicans, just Americans. I am Harold Ford Jr. and I approve this message because this Fourth of July I hope all of us will take a moment to remember those brave Americans fighting to make the world freer and America safer. Let's work hard to bring them home soon and with honor, and make them as proud of us as we are of them."

Recognize the language? "Let's work hard to bring them home soon". Sounds too much like "Support the Troops; Bring them home" that we were inundated with by brainless Leftards throughout the entire OIF and OEF.

And let's be clear here, shall we? Letting the terrorists know when we're leaving is a horrible idea. It's worse than horrible, it's quite possibly the worst idea I have ever had the misfortune to hear from the crap-spewing mouths of the parasites who infest Capitol Hill.

Where is the main support of terrorism in the world? The Middle East. Where in the ME? Iran and Saudi Arabia. Guess who's very, very nervous right about now? Iran and Saudi Arabia, and Syria as well. Why? Because we have 150,000 troops ready to stomp a mudhole in their ass the moment we have a good reason. Do you think we went into Iraq and Afghanistan just because? I know that most liberals, being the non-educated type, might have trouble understanding a little thing called STRATEGY, but why don't you look at a map (that's a flat piece of paper with areas called "countries" marked on them) and look at where Iran is right now. Look at who is on either side of Iran right now. To the West is Iraq. To the East is Afghanistan. Guess who has troops on either side of Iran?

Hmmmmmmm... go ahead, think it over. I know that might be a new experience for most liberals, but give it a try, I think you'll find it enlightening.

We, as in the USA and those countries who stand with us, are in the best position we can be to deal with the terrorist threat coming out of the Middle East. We're able to react within HOURS to any threat, rather than days. And if we leave now we give ALL OF THAT UP! We give up every tactical advantage that we've worked so hard to gain. We give up everything that our soldiers have sacrificed to give us. And for what? So that a bunch of communist shitstains can make a political statement and try to damage the standing of President Bush?

And no matter what bullshit the Democrats try to push on you, our work in the Middle East is far from over. We have Iran doing everything in it's power to obtain a nuke. (Gee, something the Donks don't seem to care about). We have terrorists from Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran stirring up trouble in Iraq (yet another thing the Donks don't seem to care about). And we have a democracy in Iraq that still needs our help (something the Democrats seem to be actively trying to squelch).

And if there is any doubt about who is driving this so-called push to get out of Iraq, look at who is gathering the information.

Polls show growing doubt about the U.S. mission in Iraq. A CBS News-New York Times poll released Thursday indicates a 51 percent majority of respondents think it would have been better for the United States to have stayed out of Iraq, compared to 45 percent who think taking military action there was the right thing to do. Sixty percent of respondents said things are going somewhat or very badly in Iraq.

Golly gee, why in the world would CBS and the New York Slimes want troops out of Iraq? Maybe so that they're hysterical shrieking about "Another Viet Nam" will come true? Or perhaps because they're nothing more than Anti-American propagandizing pieces of shit who should be hung by their toes and beaten to death for the sheer amount of lies and mistruths they've given the American Public?

CBS, a lying pack of jackals who fabricate entire stories in an attempt to damage the President during an election, and the New York Times, who fabricates stories for... well, for the same damn reason as CBS, unless they lie just for the hell of it, which is a possibility. Two media outlets desperately wishing for a time when they controlled America through what they reported and what they failed to report. Two media outlets yearning for the days when they could take an American victory (such as the Tet Offensive) and spin it into an American defeat. If you talk to soldiers, they will tell you that what is actually occurring is not reported in America. The soldiers refuse to watch much of the news on Iraq, because media outlets such as CBS and the New York Times ARE NOT REPORTING THE TRUTH! And here they are again, pushing for their personal Viet Nams, struggling to make American victory into defeat YET AGAIN. Just witness the way they've hung the Downing Street Memos all over every front page recently! Those would be the memos that DW wrote about one post down, btw. The memos who's credibility has been shredded, because they were FAKE!

And yet the media is pushing them hard, every chance they get, on every front page they can.

Is there any reason why we shouldn't hang these treasonous bastards from the nearest lamp-post?

The White House has always insisted it will take time for Iraqi forces to be strong enough to take over their country's security. This weekend, Bush fired back at his critics who want a deadline for troop withdrawal. He said the United States will settle for "nothing less than victory."

"The terrorists know they cannot defeat our troops, so they seek to weaken our nation's resolve. They know there is no room for them in a free and democratic Middle East, so the terrorists and insurgents are trying to get us to retreat. Their goal is to get us to leave before Iraqis have had a chance to show the region what a government that is elected and truly accountable to its citizens can do for its people," Bush said in his Saturday weekly radio address.

When Bush first sent troops into the Middle East, he made is clear that this would not be a one or two year excursion. This was going to take time, a fact that Bush stated again and again in speech after speech. And yet we have the surrender monkeys of Congress trying to force their agenda on the troops. And to be quite honest, it's pissing me off. What happened the last time a bunch of quasi-socialist trash were able to force their agenda on the troops?

Oh, right. Viet Nam.

Which is what the Democrats and their propaganda outlets in the media are trying to re-create.

If the troops get pulled, you can expect a serious ramp-up of terrorist attacks all over the world. The Democrats and their allies have learned nothing in the past forty years about how to win wars. They've learned nothing except for how to surrender, capitulate, and withdraw.

And if we allow them to force their gutless, worthless, spineless, cowardly agenda onto our troops, we will pay for it with our lives. Or the lives of our soldiers.

You know, there is one other military engagement that the Democrats directed, and it just came to my mind right now -

Somalia. Gee, that's reassuring, isn't it?

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