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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Take what he's having, and spread it around.

Because he's dead on.

When you talk to a 20-something German factory worker, and they say that they can't wait to make it to their 40's, so they can start sucking off their pension checks, it shouldn't require much deduction to find the problem. Talk to the same 20-something American factory worker, and he'll probably tell you not to waste his time, he's pulling a double shift to help pay off his new Corvette.

The bottom line is, Americans have no obligation to soothe the aches and clothe the bodies of those in the world who aren't willing to stand up for their own freedom, nor work for their own success. We do, in many ways, and to many times the degree of other nations, out of compassion and friendship. But we do not have to. We are not obligated to do so simply because some idiot thinks it's a moral sin for a "certain kind" of people to stand at an SUV dealership and wonder, gee, do I want the tan leather or the white?

The prattling socialist nimrods of the world think John Q. Taxpayer should give the $60,000 he wants to spend on a Cadillac Escalade to those who "need it" more than he does, even though he's the one who created the wealth he spends. They're the same ones who don't think there should be "winners" or "losers" in society, the same who think personal responsibility is a naughty word.

Well, those of us who are not insane don't, and that's why we have more millionaires per capita than any nation in the history of the planet.

Damn, I love it when people hit the nails on the head.

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