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Monday, February 21, 2005

No Blood for Authentic Jewelry** !

Someone get Dr. Dean on the line.

"It is my civic duty as a Lebanese to take part in this uprising," said Youssef Mukhtar, a 47-year-old engineer. "Enough bloodshed and disasters. It is the 21st century, and people should be able to govern themselves. The situation has become unbearable and we have to regain our country."
Self-determination is contagious.

Thousands in Lebanon Protest Government

I like this excerpt:
In Damascus, Arab League chief Amr Moussa said Syria will "soon" take steps to withdraw its army from Lebanese areas in accordance with a 1989 agreement. It was not clear whether that meant Syria would completely leave Lebanon as demanded by the international community.
How woeful is the "international community" - demanding something for 16 years??

**Authentic Jewlery is Lebanon's chief export.

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