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Saturday, February 19, 2005

H.R. 418

Anybody know what that is? It's the House Resolution calling for a National ID card.


Folks, I remember talking about this many moons ago, and I know that Kim du Toit had a post up about it the last time this topic surfaced. The bottom line is this:

We do not need, nor should we want, any form of National ID card.

For starters, having a national ID card is nothing but a canard for ulterior motives. Don't believe me? Think of all the items of paperwork that are demanded in order to prove that you're a US citizen. Your birth cirtificate. Your social security number. Many of these items are already used as a form of national ID, and has it made life any better? No. They can still be copied, they can still be fabricated and couterfeited. Can anyone dispute that a national ID card won't immidiately have the same thing happen? No, not with a straight face.

Two - there are other options if people want national ID cards. They're called passports, and any US citizen can get one. Why should we institute a national ID card when there's already a form of National ID that is available?

Three - HR 418 would require that sensitive information be shared with Canada and Mexico.

Um, 'nuff said? Why the hell should we be sharing an information about our citizens with other countries other than what is aboslutely needed, i.e. "Yes, He/She is an American"?

Four: Given the propensity of some politicians to push for driver's licenses for illigal aliens, who can dispute that once a national ID card is in the works, these same politicians won't immidiately start pushing for these cards to be issued to the same illigal aliens that they're advocating for now?

This is a horrible idea, and the fact that nobody can give me any kind of good reason for a national ID card that can't already be provided with current means does nothing to reassure me.

Contact your Senator and tell them to shoot this thing down.

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