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Friday, January 21, 2005



And I've saved the picture, just so I can post it if Yahoo wants to pull that photo down. Go take a look. GO! LOOK!

Those slimy little shit sucking, gutless, worthless, whiney, spoiled, idiotic, retarded, moronic, cowardly little fucksticks take great pleasure assaulting a man who had sworn to protect them with his life if need be. I'm sure that every person in that picture claims that they believe in free speech. However, only ONE person in that picture has the courage to put actions behind his words, and that would be the one person in uniform.

The rest of those mindless goons are nothing but communist brownshirts in the making.

Thank god I wasn't there. I would have ended up in jail, and many of those little communist fucks would have ended up in the hospital. Wouldn't THAT be great for my military career? Does anyone really wonder why I left that fucking shithole? Can anyone really question why I got the hell out of that festering cesspool? Seattle needs to be bulldozed flat and then have the ground salted so that none of these little communist fucksticks can survive.

Fuck 'em all. People like that aren't worth defending.

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