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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Still Growing Left

Kim du Toit is pointing people to Kevin Baker's question of the day.

If it is so blindingly obvious to many of us that the ideologies behind, for example, gun control and welfare are so fundamentally flawed, why are these ideologies not dead? Not only are they not dead, in many ways, still flourishing? Why is the demonstrably erroneous ideology of the Left still advanced by people who just want to keep turning up the power, with the resultant escalation of failure?

Both Kim and Kevin have answers to that question, and I agree with both of them. But there's another facet that I think both of them missed, or perhaps just didn't think was important enough to mention. I think it's rather important, and needs to be realized.

One reason that the Left continues to spread it's failure-bound ideology is that the people spreading it, by and large, have insulated themselves from the negative ramifications of their decisions.

How many business owners do you see trying to spread the socialist propaganda of the Left? Not too many. Most business owners understand that socialism and communism spell failure for anyone trying to run a business. These owners deal with the effects of their business decisions on a daily basis, and if they screw up, they are the ones who have to deal with the consequences. The same goes for people just working full time and trying to run a household, or raise children. Their decisions and the results of them are felt almost immediately, and must be dealt with by the people responsible.

When's the last time some communist college professor had to deal with the consequences of his actions? Why do you think that universities are so full of bullshit laden socialist fuckwits? Because it doesn't matter what some braindead hippie holdover says or does, his paycheck keeps on coming. He can spout off all the communist propaganda he wants to, and at the end of the day he still gets to go to his taxpayer dollar furnished home. The consequences of his actions are felt by someone else. The failure of the communist ideology will be felt by the poor people who have to suffer under it. While the idiots and morons keep spouting off anti-capitalist blather, they are not the ones who have to deal with the end results of it all.

Like many conservatives, I was pretty liberal when I was younger. That seems to be a common theme these days. When you're young, you have many if not most of your needs taken care of by someone else. Parents, relatives, whoever. Most of us didn't have to worry about IF we were going to have dinner, we were worried about what we were having. For some people, the biggest problem they had in highschool was that their parents didn't buy them a car. Your basic needs were taken care of by someone else.

And then, you graduated. Some of you went to college, some of you went into the military, some of you went to a forty-hour a week job. And all of a sudden, those basic needs, which up to this point had been taken care of, were YOURS to deal with.

You want to stay out all night and party? Fine and dandy, you're an adult, but when the rent comes due and you spent all your cash on booze, what are you going to do? Wanna buy that new stereo? Find and dandy, but what are you going to have for dinner when that thousand dollar piece of equipment is sitting in your living room? I guarantee that many of the people reading this have spent more than a few days living on coffee and Top Ramen. I know that I did. Two bucks for a case of Ramen noodles at the local supermarket. If I had just gotten paid, then I could afford chicken leg quarters ($0.48 a pound!). Mowing lawns, shoveling sidewalks, washing cars or houses, all on my days off, just so that I could make a few extra bucks. If I screwed up, then I had to deal with it. I had to fix it. I couldn't afford some pie-in-the-sky pipe dream that was ultimately doomed to failure. And most of the conservatives today dealt with many of the same issues, if not the same cases that I did.

Compare that to the Left today, which has built up a system that ultimately protects those who continue to make poor decision after poor decision. These are the people who live on other people's largesse. The ones who live on the government's dime, or who make a living by sucking wealth and good fortune from other people. Their actions and their decisions have almost no effect on their paychecks. When is the last time you saw a federal worker get fired? Teachers and professors, once entrenched, almost take an Act of God to remove, even if they're the worst teacher you've ever seen. Trust me, I tried. I had to deal with some of them. I wrote some time ago about two teachers getting caught screwing each other in the school gym, and all they received was a suspension. Og at Neanderpundit had a niece who witnessed these two "teachers" in the act, and despite Og's assurances that the two teachers are being taken to task, I note that they are still employed by the school district.

If I had been found screwing a nurse at the hospital I worked at, while both of us were on the clock, we would have been fired right there on the spot. These two "teachers" are still employed. They do not have to face the consequences of their actions. And I'm willing to bet my entire back account that both of them voted Democrat in the last election.

The Left's ideology is continually spread by those who do not have to face the consequences of their actions or words.

So that's my rather long winded take on it all. Anyone else want to offer up a suggestion or two?

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