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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Mama-Farging Cork-Suckers

Analog Kid has been keeping tabs on the election debacle here in Washington state. He's up to number twelve, and it looks like the good guys lost this one. With the fraud, corruption, and outright thievery of the Democrats who hold power in the Seattle area, there's no way that Dino Rossi can continue to fight without looking increasingly bad.

However, I'm going to follow Analog Kid's lead.

I hate to say this, but I am of the mind now that the Repubs will never get this fight started in time and that Rossi should conceed so as to leave an image in the state's citizens that he is not a crybaby.

Then, the Repubs can do their investigation without the hinderence of the press demanding to look over their shoulder. When they find provable evidence of election fraud in King County, they can put out to the public and begin to gather signatures for a recall.

Until then, I am content to call Gregoire my 'Selected, Not Elected' Governor.

"Selected, not elected"! Let's finally use that phrase where it belongs! And trust me, should the Republicans take AK's advice, they WILL find evidence of election fraud.

Hell, bloggers have already found it. It shouldn't take too long for a politician to stumble across it.

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