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Friday, December 17, 2004

Help make America a better place

A Liberal is offering on ebay to leave the country if you will subsidize her application fee to Canada.

hello, the money from this auction will go into a fund to pay for citizenship applications and moving fees to send a dirty liberal out of America. This is your chance to rid America of a free thinking, pro choice, non-religious, kerry voter. The winning bidder will recieve six handmade stickers, as displayed in the picture. THIS AUCTION IS NOT A JOKE.

Why she wants to leave....

I desire to live somewhere where i will be able to afford health insurance,to live somewhere being gay isnt worse than war, be able to see worthwhile architecture versus suburban sprawl, i want to live somewhere i can bicycle and not nearly be killed every five minutes by an monstrous suv, somewhere that has effecient transportation (here in orlando, its pitiful). i want to live somewhere housewives dont drive hummers. i dont want to live somewhere i am forced to live by other's religious morals,...

Help a Lib out!

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