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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wan't To See How Desperate Kerry's Bid For Ohio Is?

Look at New Hampshire:

New Hampshire ElectTotal: 4 Precincts Reporting: 95%
Name Party Vote
Bush Rep 313,186
Kerry Dem 323,574
Nader Ind 4,214

They are giving him NH no arguments.

And Now Ohio:

Ohio ElectTotal: 20 Precincts Reporting: 99%
Name Party Vote
Bush Rep 2,793,592
Kerry Dem 2,656,295
Badnarik NP 14,123
Peroutka NP 11,605

They refuse to give this one to Bush.

Kerry's lead in New Hampshire: 10,388 votes
Bush's lead in Ohio: 137,297 votes

As of 6 AM

Bush's lead in Ohio is 13 times larger than Kerry's lead in New Hampshire. Who's challenging where? Mmmm Hmmm. "OH! There's like millions of provisional ballots that went for Kerry. Specifics? Pfffft!" Donks suck ass.

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