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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Undecided" Ohio

I woke up this morning, and I couldn't believe my eyes. After all of the voting was reported for Ohio, most of the media (except for Fox News and NBC) is still calling Ohio "too close to call". CNN's headline right now is "Election still up in the air".

These slimy fuckers are amazing. Here lies CNN, CBS, The New York Times, The AP, and ABC, wounded and bleeding, clinging to their last gasp of hope that John Kerry is going to somehow pull out the election. All of the time has ticked off of the clock, the home team has won the game by two touchdowns, and the referees are still calling the game "undecided".

Ohio is not "undecided". It is a Bush state. Plain and simple. Case closed. End of story. He is leading by 2.5%, or 136,000 votes. John Kerry, no matter how long he waits, no matter how hard the media tries to make it look closer than it is, no matter how big his army of lawyers, cannot make up this margin. He could maybe contest a margin of a few thousand votes, at most.

Kerry has lost Ohio, and it's clear to everybody but Kerry and the media outlets that campaigned for him during the election.

Speaking of "undecided", have you noticed how every major race that is, ahem, "undecided" has a Republican beating a Democrat? Right now, the five "undecided" races are:

1. Bush over Kerry in Ohio, 2.5%
2. Bush over Kerry in Iowa, 1%
3. Bush over Kerry in New Mexico, 1%
4. Murkowski over Knowles in Alaska, 4% (Murkowski winning is a big upset. She was supposed to lose.)
5. Martinez over Castor in Florida, 1%

Why isn't Kerry's 1% victory over Bush in New Hampshire or Wisconsin "undecided"?

By dragging this out, the Liberal media can create the perception that the victory was somehow disputed, or closer than it actually is. By waiting to declare victory for Murkowski and Martinez, they can take some of the sting out of what has been nothing other than a total smackdown in the Senate race. It's the last act of desperation by an institution whose behavior during this election was disgraceful.

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