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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Rallying Yous All

What's this?! A bunch of weathered conservative political addicts listening to a handful of weekend polls that show things breaking for *GASP* THE DEMOCRAT! You all know better than this. Let's take a peek into hostile territory just to make sure we've got our heads on straight (a necessary course of action in response to this deluge of leftist spin):

The New York Times-CBS poll.

John Kerry has a 41% favorable, 47% unfavorable rating. This is his worst rating ever.
President Bush has a 48% favorable, 41% unfavorable rating. That is his best rating since last December.

Undecided voters lean to President Bush 50%-47%, validating the Pew finding and calling the Gallup number into question.

66% of Bush voters strongly favor their candidate.

50% of Kerry voters strongly favor their candidate.

By a 49%-34% margin, voters expect President Bush to win.

President Bush has a 49%-44% job approval rating.

The right track today is 43%. In 1996, it was only 39%.

48% of voters will vote on national security issues; only 33% on domestic issues.

By a 54%-29%, voters believe the Bush Administration has made them safer.

53% of voters do not think that Kerry agrees with their priorities, his worst number ever. 42% believe he has the same.

48% of voters do not think that Bush agrees with their priorities. 49% believe he does share their priorities.

52% of voters think Kerry has leadership qualities, his lowest number ever.

62% of voters think President Bush has leadership qualities.

57% of voters are uneasy with Kerry’s ability to handle a crisis.

60% believe Kerry says what people want to hear. Only 36% say that about President Bush.

53% of Americans say we did the right think in Iraq. Only 42% disagree.

31% say their families are better off than they were four years ago. 40% say about the same.

Most importantly, the percentage of voters call themselves a liberal has declined to 17%, the lowest number since 1997. 35% call themselves conservative.

Internals? Sure. "The latest NYT/CBS poll showing the President up 3 is more encouraging than most. Why? Because if you look at the internals, the respondents are 35% Democrats, 30% GOP. There were 2 other polls by CBS/NYT in October, both of which had the same 5% party ID difference. In both polls the candidates were tied."

Good news. It's out there.

Does this mean "sit at home and cross your fingers"? Hell No! Call those you know. Work in a question about voting. If they say Kerry, change the subject. If they say Bush....make sure they get to the polls. Why chance it right? Need more perspective? Ok:

Hawaii Yeah, HAWAII!! Cheney draws a crowd of 10000 and Gore draws 1200.

Oh, TVE, but Ohio - Let's try Fox as they currently show Kerry ahead and that men and women are evenly split between the candidates which his historically bogus.

October 19, 2004 Bush 49 Kerry 44


A few days later the polling on Ohio starts to split with two very different polls (note the sample size comment) - October 22, 2004 Rasmussen has Bush up 50 to 46 in Ohio

Ok. Not recent enough?

How about November 1st 2004 - Good news for the President in Ohio. The Ohio Poll out of the University of Cincinnati has Bush over 50% and leading Kerry by a hair. The final Ohio Poll has the race basically tied at Bush 50.1 and Kerry 49.2. Also of interest, it looks like George Voinovich will coast to victory as he is leading State Senator Eric Fingerhut 65 - 34.8. It also look as if the ballot initiative to prohibit same sex marriages and civil unions will pass, it is leading 59.2 - 40.8.

They say it's close. Bush is up though. Have a little faith. Remember the freakin' "Ragin' Cajun" with the trash can on his head in 2002? :) There ya go.

Let us not forget good people that our buddy Osama just popped up on a tape reading a DNC talking point memo and threatening Americans in red states who screw with his precious "security"? How sweet is it for a voter in a voting booth to know that they are pissing in the face of the boogie man by voting for George W Bush? Bonus! "Bush is giving tax cuts to the rich and reading goat books while I'm killing you...saw that on some movie....and we just want to be 'secure' so vote Kerry or we'll kill you." Yeah. That's workin' it's magic right now.

Look back over the history of our foaming mad leftist counterparts. At our WORST we are friggin' nobility in comparison to these bloody savages. Who's got the more appealing message? The eternally vague defeatist or the extraordinary optimistic visionary? Maybe those people in Hawaii know the answer. :)

Get your asses to the polls and vote for your President, and when you do, you drag every willing soul with you. Speak from your heart. We don't have to cheat like the left does. We don't have to sick the lawyers on the polls in hopes of getting a few more Indiana Jones, Mickey Mouse, Superman, or dead grandmas votes qualified in order to win. We just have to do what is right. We have to be alert and fair and stand up for ourselves. Let me hear your battle cry!!!!!

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