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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Oh, For the Love of PETE!

President Bush, ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH???? Do we have to go over this again?

After speaking with reporters, Powell met with President Vicente Fox, who has made migration reform in the United States a top foreign policy priority.

He believes that the millions of Mexicans who work in the United States should be granted legal status, enabling them to live without fear of arrest and deportation.

During his discussions, Powell said he reaffirmed President Bush's "plan to work with our new Congress to develop a temporary worker program to match willing foreign workers with willing U.S.. employers."

Any person who comes into this country illegally IS A FUCKING CRIMINAL! YOU DO NOT REWARD CRIMINALS!

I think it's time that someone pulled the President aside and informed him that his actions now could seriously fuck up the 2006 election for the Republicans. Yes, he won. Yes, he has a mandate. But it's shit like this that hurts him with the very people who just supported him a week ago.

You want to know what I think needs to be done? First off, we need a complete and total overhaul of the INS rules and regulations. Here are a few starters.

#1: After a pre-determined period of time, make it known that any illegal immigrant has a zero chance of ever becoming a citizen. If you get busted as illegal, you are forever barred from becoming an American.

#2: Work Visas. Amnesty? No. Work visas? Yes. All the advocates for illegal aliens claim that they just want to come here to work. Fine. Let's document them, and give them work visas. These work visas would be contingent on several things, however:

---- No criminal record. If you commit a crime, or you have a criminal background, you lose. Get the hell out. No work visa for you.
---- A work visa would not in any way be considered a precursor to citizenship. You want to be a citizen, you fill out the paperwork just like everybody else. No citizen's rights will be granted with a work visa; i.e. you can't vote, you can't get government aid in any shape, and you are not covered or in any way given rights by the US Constitution.
---- The work visa needs to be renewed every six months. If, during the renewal process, it is discovered that you've been sitting on your ass for the majority of your stay, you get booted out. You wanted a WORK visa so that you could come here and WORK. Therefore, if you don't WORK, you get deported. I don't care if your Aunt and Uncle were supporting you so that you could lay on your back and play GameCube all day. Your visa is a WORK visa, not a lazy-ass-lounge-around-slob visa.
---- You pay the same local and state taxes as everybody else. You use the roads, you use the local services, so you pay the taxes. Federal taxes are debateable, since people on work visas would NOT be getting any federal aid. It's open for discussion.

#3: Lock the border down. Hard. Anyone attempting to crawl, run, jump, swim, or climb into this country gets either sent back home or shot once their feet touch American soil. Special exceptions will be made for people trying to escape a communist regime (Cuba).

#4: If you are not a citizen of this country, any baby you pop out IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! Just because you're a contraception-challenged baby factory doesn't mean that you can pop out little carpet crawlers and expect the USA to take care of them.

Those four points would be a good start. But simply allowing people to stay without any documentation, or worse yet giving them citizenship, is a horrid idea. Bush had better stay the hell away from it.

Yes, we re-elected you. But that doesn't mean you don't have to face the music.

This rant brought to you by the wonderful and always thought-provoking La Shawn Barber.

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