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Thursday, November 04, 2004

More about that idiot

So this British moron, Paul Routledge, writes a piece in the Mirror about how America is such a dumb place for re-electing Bush.

This once-great country has pulled up its drawbridge for another four years and stuck a finger up to the billions of us forced to share the same air. And in doing so, it has shown itself to be a fearful, backward-looking and very small nation.

This should have been the day when Americans finally answered their critics by raising their eyes from their own sidewalks and looking outward towards the rest of humanity.

Pulled up our drawbridge? Not every likely, since Bush's victory means that we're going to stay the course in the Middle East and not run home with our tail between our legs. This syphllitic shitbrick did get one thing right, however: We DID stick our finger up at them. More specifically, at people like HIM.

A self-serving, dim-witted, draft-dodging, gung-ho little rich boy, whose idea of courage is to yell: "I feel good," as he unleashes an awesome fury which slaughters 100,000 innocents for no other reason than greed and vanity.

Take a look at this goob's picture on the Mirror webpage. I doubt this little snotwad knows courage is, much less actually possessed any himself. Courage to this little oozing pustule is walking to the nearest bar where he can drown in whiskey and forget the fact that he's an insignificant analwart on humanity.

And in foolishly backing him, Americans have given the go-ahead for more unilateral pre-emptive strikes, more world instability and most probably another 9/11.

I doubt very much that your countrymen who have died next to ours would agree with your sneering claim of "unilateral", you malodorous maggot. Just because you're too busy sucking on the nearest bong to face reality doesn't mean you should try to impose your pot-addled make believe world on the rest of us. And while you cower under your desk looking for the nearest Mosque to pray at as you pitifully capitulate to your new Islamist masters, you can rest assured that the land of the free will continue to be so, because unlike cowardly surrender monkeys such as yourself, Americans actually have a backbone.

And for those who managed to actually read farther than that, this little fuckstick's arrogance comes out in spades.

These are the sophisticated side of the electorate who recognise a gibbon when they see one.

As for the ones who put him in, across the Bible Belt and the South, us outsiders can only feel pity.

Let that corpulant genital wart's arrogance ooze all over you, folks. He's so SOPHISTICATED! Unfortunately for him, we understand what that actually means. He's a gutless little worm who's never done a real days work in his life. He's a jizz-stain on the rumpled bedsheets of humanity, who can only yap and bark at his betters across the pond.

This next bit of tripe from this asshole can be broken down phrase by phrase, in order to completely show what a fucking sack of shit this little maggot really is.

The self-righteous,

Yep. Because when you're the biggest, baddest, strongest son-of-a-bitch on the planet, you can afford to be self-righteous. Maybe if you weren't too busy turning your country into yet another socialist hellhole, you could be just as big and bad as us. But since you'd rather whimper, whine and snivel instead of actually doing something about the state of the world, you get to do nothing but shut the fuck up and let the big boys work.


Damn skippy, you choad-sucking parasite. Unlike Britain, the people of the USA can actually defend themselves from criminals like yourself. The guns of this country are part of the reason why we've been the biggest, baddest son-of-a-bitch for years. We'd have even more guns, but we shipped off literal tons of them to YOUR country during World War Two. Most Americans have learned that it's better to face danger head on with a pistol in your hand, rather than YOUR preferred method of bending over, greasing your asshole with lube and allowing all manner of lowlifes to rape you until they get tired of hearing your pathetic whimpering.

military lovin',

There'a a good chunk of the population that was in the military, or somehow related to the military. Why wouldn't they love it? It also helps that our military has been the most powerful force on the face of the planet for decades, and we're damn proud of that fact. I notice that when many countries need help, they don't exactly come running to the French, Germans or Belgians. I would also note that Britain still has one hell of a military force, but that's probably a fact that you conveniently overlook. The fact that you sneer at people who are proud of their military tells me all I need to know about this little worm. You're one of the people who would gladly give brutal dictators blow-jobs and beg for mercy rather than actually DOING ANYTHING. Which makes you just about as stupid as a person can get without losing the basic brainstem functions.

sister marryin',

Leaving all hillbilly jokes aside, this country pretty much got rid of all the inbred population when we cut our ties to the English Monarchy. I can understand if you're upset about being stuck with them, but given the current technology of today, that's pretty much your problem. Nice job of projection though!


Actually, if abortion could have prevented you from stealing my oxygen, I'd be all for it. But given that you're still currently stealing my air, I'd say that possibility is out. And there's a great number of options and birthcontrol that would eliminate the need for abortion. First and formost of these would be for people to not screw like rabbits in heat. Just think, if drug-addled whores would stop opening their legs for mindless vulva-seeking drones, we could greatly reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. But seeing as how you ARE a mindless vulva-seeking drone, I can understand why you wouldn't want that particular scenario to play out.


Right, I don't want my country to become like yours, so I must be gay hating. Too bad that Bush got over a third of the gay vote. Are they self-hating gays? No, they just understand that in order to keep America safe, we need someone who doesn't bend over to the UN and grab his ankles. Now, grabbing your ankles for dictators is something that you're obviously quite familiar with, but it's not the preferred American position for diplomacy.


And here is where this greasy shitstain shows his ignorance. DAMN NEAR ALL AMERICANS ARE TECHNICALLY FOREIGNERS, YOU IDIOTIC BUMBLEFUCK! You want to know why? BECAUSE WE COULDN'T STAND BEING NEAR POMPOUS HALFWITS LIKE YOU, SO WE LEFT! I've got Irish and Italian blood in my veins, I work with several people of Scottish decent, as well as German decendants, mixed with one guy from Bangledesh and a few from Gambia. And together as a country, when we look at a greasy-faced, fat-assed, limp-wristed fuckstick like yourself, we're damn glad that we're over here, not over there!

non-passport ownin'

*sigh* This again? Listen up you little maggot - American's don't need passports because one of our states could swallow your entire country whole and have room left for France and Spain. We don't need passports to go from state to state. Hell, until recently we didn't need passports to go from our country to Canada either! A birth certificate was just fine when I went up to Victoria BC several years ago. Oh, and toss in the military component, who's ID card counts as a passport, and there's even LESS people who need one. I can drive in one direction for five days and still be in the same country. Can you do the same? I didn't think so.

Couple all of that with the fact that the countries outside ours are populated with whining gutless shitbirds like yourself, and why would we want to leave? If going on vacation means putting up with assholes like you, then I'll stay home thankyouverymuch.


You know what that red neck means, asshat? It means I actually work for a living, rather than typing out bullshit like some pasty-faced, fatassed, lilly-livered coward with thinning hair and bad teeth I happened to come across. That red neck is a badge of pride.

who believe God gave America the biggest dick in the world so it could urinate on the rest of us

If you weren't so busy turning your country into a socialist hellhole full of disarmed subjects who cower in fear because it's against the law to protect themselves then maybe your country could stand eye-to-eye with us instead of having to look up. YOU are the one who chose socialism, subjugation and the welfare state, not us. You're the one too weak to actually make anything of yourself, not us. God didn't just give us a big dick, he also gaves us enough brains to look at the cesspool you call home and decide against it. And while it warms my heart to see the real men of Britain standing shoulder to shoulder with us halfway across the world, it also saddens me to know that they'll have to come home to a nannystate shithole that you've created. It's not our fault that people like you are too cowardly and craven to stand up in the world. It's not our fault that people like you are too soft and spineless to do anything but whine and snivel. It's not our fault that you willingly became a serf instead of a man. It's not our fault that your own idiocy and stupidity have left you somewhat lesser than us. But if you willingly throw yourself into a pit of cowardice and stupidity, don't rail at us because we refuse to follow your lead. YOU are the person who can make your country great, something which you obviously refuse to do because of your own weakness. WE are the people who recognise that we can be even better than we are, and strive to get there.

and make their land "free and strong".

We're the land of the free and home of the brave, asshole. If you're going to try and mock us, at least do us the favor of getting the damn quote right. However, we ARE free and strong, because we refuse to be like you.

The rest of the article is the same bullshit and socialist babble that we've been hearing from Europes chattering class for years now. Routledge's hatred of America comes creeping out of every paragraph. He doesn't hate George Bush, he hates this entire country. He hates everything that makes us great. And this piece is just another bit of proof that they JUST DON'T GET IT.

If this slimy little fucknozzle is what Europe is all about, then I'm damn glad I'm American. The arrogance, the ignorance, the stupidity, the weakness, and the cowardice of the Left is all rolled into this one putrid English hack.

That's the last bit of effort I'm going to expend on this fuck-up. After that, any more pieces from this whining shitstain will go into the circular file once they hit my desk. But the one last thing I have to say on the subject is this:

When the people upset over Bush's victory are people like Paul Routledge, you know we made the right choice.

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