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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Left Says, "It's Up To BUSH To Heal Divisions Now"

I say to any venom sputtering leftist with the audacity to bray such nonsense:

FUCK YOU! Your lies and bad behavior caused the hurt, it's only fair that YOU do the fuckin' healing....arrogant assholes!

In other news: WE WON! What's that mean to you zombified leftist types? We didn't have ABC NBC SeeBS PBS CNN MSNBC The New York Times and most of Fox News to non stop slam your candidate to do it. Nor did we need a Big Greasy Crap Monster to make a movie slaming your guy. They didn't air our legit 60 minutes style hit on Kerry's anti-war activities. We didn't have to slit your car tires to stop your GOTV efforts. We didn't have to file thousands of phony registrations. We didn't have to bust up your head quarters. We just had to yell past your fuckin' lunacy and rely on the strength of our message. And it worked! And as soon as Kerry decides whether he wants to completely destroy his party or accept his loss, we'll get back to work making the world a better place to live. :)

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