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Monday, November 01, 2004

I may have to eat my words

Stress on the MAY part. MEMRI has a transcript of "bin Laden's" tape.

I put "bin Laden" in quotation marks because there's still no proof that he's alive. Yeah, there's a video. A scratchy, half-focused, crappy sound quality, annonymous black background, devoid-of-any-proof-of-date tape that sounds more like Micheal Moore's talking points than the old bin Laden. Mr. Lion calls bullshit. So does Baldilocks. I haven't seen enough of the video to call it one way or another.

Although you have to ask - when the supposed "bin Laden" tape and the DNC start to sound exactly the same, just who do you call the enemy?

Anyways, here's Steve's take on the whole issue.

Liberals, doesn't it disturb you that so many terrorists and despots support John Kerry? Doesn't that give you a tiny twinge of doubt? Can you really hate George Bush so much that you don't mind rewarding terrorists, as long as it means ousting Bush from the White House? Can't you stand with us just ONCE in defense of your country? Is patriotism really that painful for you?

Here's the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals will read bin Laden's threat and say, "Gosh, we better do as he says." Conservatives will read it and say, "Bring that mess ON, bitch. We killed most of your friends, and we're going to kill you, too."

Liberals just want to get along, and if that means putting bin Laden in charge of our foreign policy, that's fine. As long as we have peace. The conservative attitude is a bit more like Patrick Henry's


This election is going to be a test of our character. Are we American, or are we French? Are we the Spanish, who let a single attack turn them into a nation of whipped dogs, or are we the nation that stood up to Hitler and prevented him from taking over an entire hemisphere?

I'm not all that optimistic. I know Red Staters will show their grit by spitting in bin Laden's face tomorrow. But Blue Staters will cower. Let's face it. New Yorkers and Californians and folks from Illinois simply do not have the backbone to stand up to this murderer. Faced with violence, they will hand over their lunch money every time.

We may be about to bend to bin Laden's will by electing John Kerry, and if he continues his history of hostility toward the military and our intelligence agencies, we are inviting an Al Qaeda ass-whipping that will make 9/11 look like a tea dance.


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