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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Farewell, John Ashcroft

So John Ashcroft has said "Adios" to this administration.

Who can blame him? The man was front and center in the battle against terrorism, and reviled for it.

Ashcroft was the Left's boogie-man. I'm sure that somewhere in San Francisco, some wacked-out hippy was scaring her collective's kids with stories about how the big bad Ashcroft was going to take them away in a black helicopter and inprison them in a gulag-style building only known as "Ashcroft's Big Bad House of Horrors and Civil Rights Infringements".

Or something like that.

The man was flat out reviled by the nutcase Left, mainly because he objected to some drugged-out halfwit taking a dump on City Hall's front steps. In the Left's eyes, the man could do no right.

Crack down on terrorist cells? He was too harsh in the performance of his duties. Not persecute a murder properly? He was too lax in the performance of his duties. The man was seriously ill for a time, and the Left celebrated and wrote poetry about how they wanted him to die. And for what? For doing his job?

Mike of Cold Fury has the scoop on one of the worst lies perpetrated by the left, sustained by the left, propagated by the left, and continued by the Left. You see, when I call today's Democrats a lying, rancid pile of dog shit, I have good reason. From a Jay Nordlinger article:

The Breast was pretty quiet during the eight years of Janet Reno. As one peeved administration official puts it, “No cameraman was ever at Reno’s feet, trying to get a shot of her with that thing.” But Minnie Lou’s outstanding feature stormed back with Ashcroft. When President Bush visited the Justice Department to rededicate the building to Robert Kennedy, his advance men insisted on a nice blue backdrop: “TV blue,” infinitely preferable to the usual dingy background of the Great Hall. Everyone thought the backdrop worked nicely — made for “good visuals,” as they say. This was Deaverism, pure and simple. Ashcroft’s people intended to keep using it.

An advance woman on his team had the bright idea of buying the backdrop: It would be cheaper than renting it repeatedly. So she did — without Ashcroft’s knowledge, without his permission, without his caring, everyone in the department insists.

But ABC put out the story that Ashcroft, the old prude, had wanted the Breast covered up, so much did it offend his churchly sensibilities. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, ever clever, wrote that Ashcroft had forced a “blue burka” on Minnie Lou. Comedians had a field day (and are still having it). The Washington Post has devoted great space to the story, letting Cher, for example, tee off on it — as she went on to do on David Letterman’s show.

And yet the story is complete and total bunk. First, Ashcroft had nothing to do with the purchase of the backdrop. Second, the backdrop had nothing to do with Breast aversion. But the story was just “too good to check,” as we say, and it will probably live forever. Generations from now, if we’re reading about John Ashcroft, we will read that he was the boob who draped the Boob. The story is ineffaceable.

John Ashcroft couldn't win for losing, and it was because of the Left's obsession with him as a horrible man. But he wasn't a horrible man. He was a man doing a job he had sworn to do, in the face of opposition from every angle. John Ashcroft may go down in history as one of the most loathed people in American government, but let me ask you some questions.

During John Ashcroft's tenure as AG, was there ever a:

A) Seige using illegal tactics, culminating in a woman being shot by government forces while she was holding her baby?

B) Ill-planned, ill-timed attack on a compound, culminating in firebombs being used by government forces, burning the compound to the ground with a massive loss of life?

C) Armed assualt by government forces on a civilian house full of unarmed Americans, culminating in a young boy being ripped from his relative's arms and being sent to live in a communist shithole of a country?

Lessee here..... Nope, nope, and Nuh-uh. But Ashcroft gets blamed when a moose farts and the winds change, because in the Left's eyes, he's the embodiment of the Spanish Inquisition reborn.

What a crock.

So here's a message to all you kool-aid chugging leftist fuckwits out there - If John Ashcroft was guilty of ONE-QUARTER of the crimes you accuse him of, you wouldn't be sitting there still spewing out your rancid bile. You'd be locked up, killed, stifled, your dissent squished, your rights taken away, and your lives forfit.

But none of that ever happened, because all you had to fling at Ashcroft was lies. You kept hammering away, hoping for any slight to stick no matter how vile. And a good man has decided that four years of stress, exaustion, and illness is enough, especially when faced with four more years of the same. He performed his job admirably, he's a good man, and he did not deserve any of the slime you hurled at him in your hysterical attempts to smear this administration.

Lets hope that his replacment does half as good a job. Otherwise, you might just be fucked.

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