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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Doing Their Job

The US Marines have been assaulting Fallujah, along with elements of the US Army and US Air Force. Godspeed and Semper Fidelis. This was a job that should have been done months ago, and if it weren't for the Democrats shrieking about quagmires and lying about our military, I think it WOULD have been done months ago.

In any case, the Marines have been ready to go on a rampage for some time now, and if the State Department would finally get their slimy, dictator coddling asses out of the way, the jarheads will be ripping some shit up.

IMNSHO, if the State Department DOES get in the way, I'd be pleased to see the Marines run right through them, preferably with a complete loss of personell on Foggy Bottom's end.

I remember reading a Marine's response (I think it was Mike, but I'm not sure) to a jack-off who was complaining that the Marine wasn't being polite enough, or some crap like that. The response was very simple:

"I am a Marine. My job is to kill people and break shit. If some good comes out of me killing the right people and breaking the right shit, so much the better. But don't ever forget what my first job is."

OO-RAH, leathernecks! Go kill people and break shit! Don't just do it for your country, do it for all of us who would like to be in your shoes.

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