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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Watcher's Council Winners

For the past couple of weeks. I haven't been able to vote or nominate anyone (for reasons already known) but here are the results for October 15th and October

For October 15th, the winners were:

Council link -
The Threat of Saddam by Ubique Patriam Reminisci

Non-council links -
Reading the Duelfer Report by The Shape of Days
Duelfer and the Demise of the UN by Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog

All the October 15th results are here.

The October 21st results are:

Council link -
Kerry and Arafat - A Way With Words - Rantblogger Gets the Verbal Scoop by Aaron's Rantblog

Non-council link -
An Open Letter to the Undecided Voter by Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog

All the October 21st results are here.

The Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog seems to be on a roll! Of course, they've been on a roll for months, and they always make sense. If I haven't been kicked off the Council for my lack of participation yet, then hopefully I'll continue posting their pieces every week.

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