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Thursday, October 28, 2004

A reminder of Voter Fraud

One of my wonderful readers reminded me of voter fraud and itimidation that occured in years past. I wanted to remind people of it, because it's the same tactics that you're going to see used by the Left in this current election.

Everyone remember the massive case of voter fraud that took place here in Da Lou in 2000?

You know, the one where DEAD BLACK PEOPLE were voting.

The one where the DEMOCRATIC -- and also black-- City Comptroller Darlene Green met with her other associates of the National Coalition on Black Voter Participation, a group designed to register and motivate black voters, at a fast food restaurant where they made up hundreds of registrations using old records, social security numbers from dead people and felons.

This is also the same election where the boyfriend-judge of Robin Carnahan, the Democratic candidate who wants to control the elections as Secretary of State, illegally kept the polls open until 11pm in an election where his floozie's mom (Jean Carnahan) was running against John Ashcroft on her dead husband's (Mel Carnahan) name, I assume to give them more time to stuff the ballot boxes. And of course the Democratic candidate for governor (blogged below also) lost a lawsuit where she tried to make it legal for provisional ballots to be casted any and everywhere without any respect for precinct or jurisdiction.

The Keyboard Pundit has more links on her blog. Go. Read. REMEMBER! It's the same crap, just a different election.

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