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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Linky Love!

Cold Fury is on a roll, firing on all cylinders and bringing some good stuff up to the forefront. Mike also links to this post from, which exposes a series of Kerry's lies, and why they matter.

So what do we have, here? Three (or four, if you accept the secondhand reports of a UK-Kerry encounter) meetings of Security Council constituency personnel with Kerry. Four (including a mystery off-the-record nation) or five (including the United States) outright denials of any contact with Kerry. Those who say they did speak with Kerry demolish his tale of a single group sit-down -- which lie the Kerry campaign even now adheres to. Note two things, here:
First, Kerry's purported meeting with the entire Security Council managed to leave out a full third of the Council.

Second, go ahead and re-read the quoted lies above. Notice a surprise guest at the table in Kerry's imaginary international conference? Germans. Kerry is manufacturing a Security Council meeting involving nations that weren't on the Security Council in 2002.

This much is on the record.

Read the whole damn thing. Kerry is lying through his teeth on a regular basis, day after day, and the Mainstream Media is letting him get away with it.

That's one question I have about this election, with all the polls showing an even split: How in the name of all that is holy is George W. Bush able to resist the massive and near-total all-out war the Mainstream Media is enacting against him? I don't think I've ever seen the media so abandon any pretense of objectivity in their attempts to attack the Conservative Right. From Dan "Memogate" Rather on down, the media in this country has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Whores, sluts, gigilos and harlots, all wearing Kerry/Edwards buttons and speaking into DNC microphones while they give their opinions disguised as "news", bought and paid for with a bankrupt ideology. Never have so few abandoned so much for so little. When Bush wins, the tears from the mainstream media will be well worth it.

One last link: Mark Steyn.

Speaking of which, if there's four words I never want to hear again, it's "prescription drugs from Canada." I'm Canadian, so I know a thing or two about prescription drugs from Canada. Specifically speaking, I know they're American; the only thing Canadian about them is the label in French and English. How can politicians from both parties think that Americans can get cheaper drugs simply by outsourcing (as John Kerry would say) their distribution through a Canadian mailing address? U.S. pharmaceutical companies put up with Ottawa's price controls because it's a peripheral market. But, if you attempt to extend the price controls from the peripheral market of 30 million people to the primary market of 300 million people, all that's going to happen is that after approximately a week and a half there aren't going to be any drugs in Canada, cheap or otherwise -- just as the Clinton administration's intervention into the flu-shot market resulted in American companies getting out of the vaccine business entirely.

All of the Left's proposals are simply re-hashed failures from the past. There's a reason people come to the USA for medical procedures, folks. Everything they're trying to push has been pushed before, both in this country and others. And they've failed. Their plans failed, their proposals failed, their entire ideology failed.

Let's make sure they fail again.

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