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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

King County Communists Steal Rural Resident's Land

And you wonder why I'm leaving this festering shithole?

Metropolitan King County Council has passed three ordinances that significantly limit what rural landowners can do with their property.

The 7-6 votes along party lines late Monday and early Tuesday create wider no-development buffers - up to 100 yards - along streams and wetlands; tighten regulations on how much water can run off newly developed sites; and bar landowners from clearing more than 35 percent to 50 percent of their land, depending on lot size.

Cover the children's ears folks, cause I'm about to pop!

The Seattle Commie-Apologiser Post Intelligencer manages to fawn and slobber all over the fucking commies in the city council for this, I might add. Reading this article in that fishwrap makes me wonder if the Seattle PI's editor wasn't under the city council's table giving each and every communist there a fucking blow-job. The King County Communists have just managed to steal over two-thirds of the land of private citizens by denying those citizens the use of their own damn land!

"I feel very much like the rural part of the county has been disenfranchised over and over again," said Councilwoman Kathy Lambert, R-Woodinville.

But Democrats and environmentalists backed the measures, which passed a week after the Pierce County Council became the first in the state to adopt a tough clearing rule that requires rural residential landowners to keep 65 percent of their land in native vegetation.

Here, let me pull out the pertinent part of that for ya.

"requires rural residential landowners to keep 65 percent of their land in native vegetation"

Over two-thirds of people's land is now completely unusable. Off limits. Untouchable. You have no right to do a damn thing with land that you've paid for. You can't do a damn thing with your own fucking property. This is a land grab, pure and simple, designed by the fucking communist cock goblins who sit on the King County council.

Democrats said urban residents have shouldered their share of the burden of growth management.

Of course Democrats say that! IT DOESN'T EFFECT URBAN RESIDENTS! It effects people who have bought and paid for acres upon acres of land, and now find themselves left with LESS THAN ONE-THIRD OF WHAT THEY PAID FOR!

Julia Patterson of SeaTac said city dwellers have accepted jails, airports, sex-offender housing, traffic and pollution, largely in order to prevent sprawling development across the countryside.

Bullshit, bullshit, BULLSHIT! They accept all that because they don't want to live in the country! They accept all that because they don't want to drive for half an hour to get to work, or the grocery store, or they just like living in the city, but don't you fucking try to shove your "They want to prevent development" bullshit down my throat, you fucking communist bitch! YOU might be dumb enough to belive your own fucking bullshit, but the rest of us have more than two brain cells to rub together! And as an added bonus, ours aren't infected with syphillis like yours are!

Dow Constantine, the Seattle Democrat who chairs the growth-management committee and shaped much of the package, said it represents "a very good package of regulations that responds to our legal and our moral obligations."



And do you know when they held the vote for these acts of outright theft? At ONE A.M. IN THE MORNING! THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING WAS WRONG!

Fuck it. I'm out of here in two months, and this whole communist shithole can fall into the fucking ocean for all I care. Just make this a lesson for those who STILL need a fucking clue.

The Democrats don't care about you. The Democrats don't care about private citizen's rights. The Democrats don't care about property rights. The Democrats don't care about the Constitution. The Democrats don't care about anything but gaining more and more power and forcing people to be their fucking slaves. The Democrats don't care about fairness. The Democrats don't care about what's right. The Democrats only care about making people kneel at their feet. The Democrats only care about stealing power, stealing people's money, stealing people's land, stealing people's dignity, and stealing power. The Democrats are nothing but power-hungry would-be slave masters, who want to put their bootheel on your neck and never lift it off until you're dead, limp in their chains of servitude while they grow fat from stealing the fruits of your labor.

The Democrats are a party of thieves, thugs, vandals, dictators, murderers, criminals, and whores. And they prove it every day.

Where's the fucking reset button?


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