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Thursday, October 28, 2004

How Many Tons Were There At Al Qa Qaa?

January 14, 2003 - The IAEA found 3 tons of RDX.

But the confidential IAEA documents obtained by ABC News show that on Jan. 14, 2003, the agency's inspectors recorded that just over 3 tons of RDX was stored at the facility — a considerable discrepancy from what the Iraqis reported.
The IAEA documents could mean that 138 tons of explosives were removed from the facility long before the start of the United States launched "Operation Iraqi Freedom" in March 2003.

THREE What's that? There was another type of explosive that was supposed to be there in mass quantities....behind UN inspector SEALS no less! It sounds tough doesn't it - like they weren't getting into that shit no matter what, right? WRONG!

The documents show IAEA inspectors looked at nine bunkers containing more than 194 tons of HMX at the facility. Although these bunkers were still under IAEA seal, the inspectors said the seals may be potentially ineffective because they had ventilation slats on the sides. These slats could be easily removed to remove the materials inside the bunkers without breaking the seals, the inspectors noted.

Then of course there's this asshole:

The missing explosives have become an issue in the presidential campaign. Sen. John Kerry has pointed to the disappearance as evidence of the Bush administration's poor handling of the war.

BLUSTER BLUSTER BLUSTER: "I'm John 'I don't fall down. That son of bitch pushed me down.' Kerry who reported for doody and I read in the NY Times that Bush let looters steal 380,000 tons of explosives, and without checking it out any further or even stopping to ponder what it would take to move such massive amounts of material, I made the bogus story my own. Don't vote for me! I'm a inept power-mad jackass."

But don't look over there:

The Bush camp has responded that more than a thousand times that amount of explosives or munitions have been recovered or destroyed in Iraq.

Or else you might notice how the traitor, JOhn KErry, is trying to score political points at the expense of our soldiers by arm-chair-quarterbacking their efforts.

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