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Monday, October 25, 2004

Here's a question

I read that Ann Coulter got pies thrown at her in Arizona. Well, that's one of milder forms of assault that the Left has been committing lately, so I figured she got off easy. But Mama Montezz has something more to say on the subject.

Let me break my thoughts down on this. Two men assaulted a woman. They assaulted a tiny woman on stage during a presentation of her political beliefs. The woman was assaulted because she holds political beliefs contrary to theirs. They hate her political beliefs and acted out that hatred by assaulting her.

If they had been some Aryan Nation types throwing things at a hippy-chick, it would have been a hate crime. So where is this different?

Is it different because her cause is the unpopular one? Is it because it's acceptable to hate conservatives and their politics? If people are going to demand that hate crime be prosecuted as such, then don't they have to include acts like this as hate crimes?

When is hate not reallly hate? I really don't have to ask, because deep down, I already know the answer.

Imagine if TerAYzuh Kerry had pies thrown at her when she was speaking at some rally for her husband. What if Nancy "I've had so many facelifts my eyebrows are on the top of my head" Pelosi had a few Boston Creams tossed her way at a Democratic fundraiser? What if Maureen Dowd got a face full of whipping cream at a New York presentation? Just what do you think would happen?

You would have the media in full blow hysterics mode, screaming about "hate crimes" and "squashing of dissent", and "stifling of free speech", in the news, 24-7, all day every day, until after the election. But Ann Coulter gets a pie in the kisser, and.....

crickets chirping

Yeah, the "Party of Peace", once again proving that they're anything but peacefull. Hat tip to RNS.

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